Asta, Wendy Siegelman, Donald Trump discussed on Stephanie Miller


I wasn't here for that happy you just ask me to humiliate myself right just do it I think I don't that's that's your choice that's what people listen to us okay all right well wow join dancer says asta finally getting to the happy hour with all windy actually she's Wendy Siegelman who's now that's twenty okay oh oh my god she's funny and inspiring in a sweet lady thank you seven thank you and this week no one councillor comedian Mel counselor who worked on the apprentice your business we Sunfire on Twitter I have got to ask him how he I agree he's just not scared of the NDA yes it's arcs constantly about trump's drug use in his van continents and fantastic this could be a filthy happy hour yes going to be how stick okay twenty one minutes after the hour this portion of the Stephanie Miller show brought to you by I I've so many testimonials I can't find them all right now it's still it's too much talk amongst yourselves the clean followed by everyone has what all my god I have a new thing of wonder and beauty to talk about not only is the clean down the most amazing you've got that that's just the got it got to have that the views of the same you leave UV light right they use in hospitals disinfect mass to do your phone your mask your anything car keys jewelry you name it glasses but I if I it's a masks masks they do hand sanitizer but the masks okay I've been going through a whole thing I had a V. what do you call it bent down I couldn't breathe through that I had won the class one behind my ears were ripping my ears off because I have a huge head right then I've won the meet with ties them off masking that got caught the back my hair then I had a Gator that I try to pull up and kept going down oh my god they sent us a ninety five masks and a regular disposable ones they're both so comfortable.

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