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This father's day hank. What are you getting jay for father's day nothing. Good one funny jake. We're gonna talk about your viral video soon. You ready for it. yeah. I didn't always ready for talks and puck. We did a Return to the big mad for our leaf fan. Awol's the leafs are maybe the saddest franchise ever. It's tough right now. Big mad is trending in toronto. That's that's it's been it's been six thousand two hundred fifty one days since the maple leafs have won a playoff series. They haven't won a playoff series since two thousand and four. They haven't won a stanley cup. Since nineteen sixty seven but it's actually way worse than that because the way they lose playoff series are so stupendous. Lee stupefying lee bad that it's like incomprehensible to so the they had eleven years so seventeen years since they wanna play officers. Oh the first eleven years. They just didn't make the playoffs except for once and that one time they made. The playoffs was two thousand thirteen when they gave up a four one lead in the third period with ten minutes left in game seven including two goals when the when the bruins pulled their goalie in under two minutes to go. That's insane then. In two thousand seventeen they were up to one in a series against the capitals. They lost six games two thousand eighteen. They lost in seven games. Two thousand nine hundred and they lost in seven games and then they lost up three one against a team that i think fans like they hate more than any other team in in the canadians. They were up three one in the series. They go to a game seven and there's actually nothing worse than a no show in game seven. Yeah like losing in game seven. I know that that's bad in two thousand thirteen. They lost the way they lost. I would contend that a no show the way they lost tonight where you like. Get a fucking goal with thirty seconds left to just have something on on the scoresheet doubts that hurts so much worse. And it's not like the leafs have been terrible team this whole time either because they've been good like leafs in the late nineties early. Two thousand had a lot of really good players and there were so fun to watch. That was like the tie domi team when he beat people up that fell into the penalty box would fight everybody on the on the ice. you had. I think darcy tucker is on that team. You had mats dean like they've had a lot of really good players come through toronto and you always think of them as being one of the premier franchises just because they've got like their toronto's team. The blue sweater is wonderful. But they are they actually kinda got screwed by the strike because they had a really good team. I think that's when they they won. Their last playoff series was the year before the strike. They had a good team that they're building on. They got fucked by the strike and then they just haven't done anything at all since then. It's tough our good friend. Paul missed the net said that when they were up three one in this series he would he would get himself circumcised. Yeah he's concise. Dick got sweater and he will circumcise himself or pay for somebody. Circumcise them if they were to lose that series turns out. They lost the series. So hot seat pulled foreskin circumcised. Yeah he's gotta get circumcised. And i looked it up. Actually you have to. You have to wait forty two days before having sex circumcised hikes. New nickname jr nasty. Ooh you can't joseph your circumstance uncircumcised. No you don't come. Oh if you're the foreskin just sit in resorts it. he had just. It goes back in the fall. All right so we got big mad tweets. Read some of the best. These are from li fans. We asked them to write in. We do feel bad for them but misery is the best content. So this one's from luca he said. I wanna cut my face off while getting punched in the groin. Multiple times i. There was a theme to the people. Were trying to relate it to like our own misery. I didn't need that but a couple of them were like Said it's like being packers fan but are often turns into the bears come playoff time. Yeah that's actually a pretty good. Take though yeah. That makes sense. Mike he said. Please don't talk about us on the show. I just threw up at so bad. I'm going to chain smoke darts and hate saves a fucking joke. It's like watching a movie where you know the ending and it sucks but you watch it every year. Fuck fuck fuck. This is actually a pretty good spin zone by the leafs so the leafs texted a statement to their fans. Ooh after the leafs nation. This isn't where we want to say goodbye in her five-month unprecedent journey. The vision was clear. We fell short but we would like to thank the five hundred fifty healthcare workers who represent the true heroes of today. I can't wait to see scotiabank right. That yes oh this yeah. They had a bunch of like What what are they like. first responders nurses paramedics come out and they were in attendance tonight so another choking one of their spin zone is that because they there's still a lot of code restrictions and canada. They didn't have the giant watch party in the town. Yes no video of all the lease fans getting their heartbroken. Yeah good point liam wrote as leafs fans we should collectively choose one shit coined to pump and poor earnings to buy the team. We fire everybody in hire a shaman as a coach no need for hockey knowledge to coach. Lease just enough. Good juju to balance out the curse. I don't know how this guy's name. I'd rather drag my balls through mile broken glass and vinegar than watch. His team. cock-up the playoffs again. I liked that cock-up the playoffs It's like taking one hundred kids to the dick and over and over again This one did this guy. Did the same thing where. Lucy decided that to bring the bears into this. I don't know why it's like if the bears got a top ten quarterback and won. The division was a top five team in the league with a real chance to win the super bowl. But then the double join captains but then you take that feeling and make it every year except this year. It was against the packers Yolks this one. Came from kyle lowry season..

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