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Maybe if I'd had someone like her to look up to as a young eighteen year old woman. I may have stayed in Kansas, Brian. I also wanted to ask you about Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas. He announced that he will not run for re election next year. What's our sense of how that might go? I mean secretary of state Mike Pompeo has been kind of floated some say that he has a good chance of winning. If he were to run, but he says he has no intention of running right now. What does that look like it's going to be crowded field? Obviously there has been a very public effort to recruit Pompeo. And if if he does change his mind, I would expect most Republicans to get out of the way. But if he doesn't it's going to be a very crowded field Senate present Susan Wagle who was mentioned by governor Kelley in your show. She's exploring a run the state treasures are running. I joked with congressman Ron ESTES yesterday that he was the only Republican in Kansas who didn't seem to want to run for the seat. And he assured me that well he didn't want to run he could have if he wanted to. So you should expect a very crowded Republican field. I wouldn't expect Democrats to take the race seriously unless you have someone like a Chris co Bach who is a divisive figure emerges Republican front runner. Democrats are kind of watching this race with a little bit of interest. If there is a device. Of candidate who seems to be gaining steam with the Republicans. You could see them actually make an effort to make this a competitive race. There's a it's been be an uphill battle. Because a democrat hasn't won a Senate seat in Kansas since nineteen thirty two, and we should be clear, by the way, Mike Pompeo used to be a congressman representing district in Kansas for three terms. Michael emailed, the expansion of Medicare is contentious because federal government funding of the programme phases out and the Bill for services becomes the responsibility of the state. I wonder how you see the governor's argument in Kansas as compared to some of the other arguments about why Medicaid expansion is still worth doing. So I think what the governor is is looking at is. You know, she's she's trying to make this into an economic argument. If you saw that she and that's been a the kind of consistent democratic refrain, which is this is federal money that can be coming into Kansas that we're passing up every year. And so I think it's you know, she is trying to make this as a kind of this as an argument that makes fiscal sense for the state. I think anticipating criticism like that. Liz tweeted as a lifelong Oklahoman, it's refreshing to hear how our neighbors are addressing Medicaid expansion and education hope Oklahoma can learn what bipartisan means with regards to the presidential election cycle before. I let you go. There are more than a dozen Democrats in the race. There could be two dozen by the time the show is over the big keeps getting bigger and bigger, and they're appealing to the base by pushing ideas like abolishing the electoral college, the green new deal packing. The supreme court. How does that affect democrat? Like, Laura Kelly who. Got a govern in a largely conservative state before we go. I I think that could put pressure on someone someone like lower Kelly, obviously, I think, you know, she she took a interesting stance when it came to the Lectoure college, but things like packing, the supreme court that probably would not fly very well in in Kansas where you have a lot of people who are conservative who who would get their antennas up. If you start talking seriously about that, you know, I think thinking back to what her role is in the presidential election. She someone who's being seen as a model for defeating Trumpism because she she defeated a candidate who had very close ties to Trump Trump came and campaigned for and she approached it with a very kind of moderate centrist message. So the people who are pushing the who are pushing the Democratic Party in that election. I think are looking to her as an example of how to proceed with this election, Brian Lowery, Washington. Correspondent for the Kansas City star. Brian thanks for talking to us. Thank you for having me. This conversation was produced by James Morrison and edited by Miranda full

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