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GonNa give this country at animals. We'll put the tip of capital. This is right. Well if you listen to all the conspiracy theories that may be exactly what's about to happen but that's neither here nor there a big inanimate. Let's talk about Wrestlemainia one which I got to the. Here's what I'm here. They've already announced. There would not be any battle royals on this wrestlemainia. Obviously because a twenty man or twenty person about a royal breaks the ten person. Rule that So I understand that. I've also heard that. Wrestlemainia is going to take place at multiple news and many much of it might be prerecorded That makes sense. So let's I want to run down the card for both night Get you to make some pigs and then it's kind of go from there so the opening night night. One April fourth Saturday night. You got seth rollins versus Kevin was I have no idea what implies fat little like Egypt at you know. I don't I don't know you know this is A champion of no he. Just he lost the title and then decided he was going to side with the AARP and Buddy Murphy and become like a Messiah Character. And then he's just mercy now right he's not buddied mercy more. That's what best McMahon does. His Momma called him buddy. I'm on Colin Buddy And then I don't know what's going on cabins but here they are should be a. This is a super handy batch. Yes I so. I don't know why they're fine but I'm I'm I think it's going to be a good match and it's a match. That will not get any this. Well I don't know. They said that they may allow some legends family in the crowd. So this might get to. This is awesome chant if they let the legends and the families and they're gonNA get instructions to but hey you the way they're supposed to pay Right you hope I mean but I think that I think rollins Owens Obviously as a fan about these guys not really happy with where they're on the on the card but I think they're going to have a great match. Oh yes Muslims guys get. They noted it. I just wonder let me just as we talk about this. Of course I guess if you worked. Handy's before you've probably used to work in an empty building that's right you know but it's got to be tough to get up a go. You know a hundred and ten percent.

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