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Dynamic. Yeah no question about it man. It's it's strange to me. I i question all of it back. Then you know with elway the timing of him stepping down with the ownership situation up in the air but here we are nonetheless. Like i said. I can't complain anymore about the quarterback situation or the vic fangio higher from several years ago. This is where we are now. And you know what zach. I'm thinking this team wins. The first three games and puts a lot of fans minds at ease. Oh boy we would all need that brady because then everyone is going to get behind teddy bridgewater at least for the short term and then the broncos have a great opportunity to really get big time support by playing the baltimore ravens at home if they dropped back games still three in one. Go out and beat pittsburgh. Your foreign one and people outside of colorado are starting to talk about you. It's finally time right. You're just do desperate for that. If not things are going to get. Things are going to get roth. they're gonna get messy very fast equity working on man then we can check out in the next couple of days man. Lots of stuff just lead to the game brady. It's it's came weak and i am so pumped so we'll have a lot of A lot of game or game and season preview seeing. Just how the broncos season's going to shake out. I'm looking forward to the giants have some wide receivers. You know getting golladay of course sterling shepard. They picked up. Karl rudolf to i mean they have some weapons can go to. I mean i loved their devante booker pickup to to help with barclay. That guy. i'm still not giving up on that guy. I think he could still be a decent back. Yeah i mean. The prompt goes shirts certainly shouldn't be given up on him. Considering what devante booker did to him or to them last year. So that is a guy where i think. A lot of broncos fans kinda laugh when they see that that he's going to be the guy plan and saquon spot of saquon not able to be one hundred percent but last time he was the one laughing after the game. We'll see what happens this sunday. We'll be looking forward to more and more previous from you my friend and We'll catch up with you soon right on. Brady can't wait all right zach stevens. Dnv our broncos as kind of the the first taste right of what this regular season games going to look like. We'll get into full on previews for all things broncos giants. We got a full slate this weekend to colefax we guys see you texas. Am we got you and see in houston baptist. We got see issue in vanderbilt. Oh boy If you if you said the south dakota state game was a must win game than what is this game like i. I don't know is it already done. Is this season over I mean listen. We know south dakota state's good they gotta be vanderbilt vanderbilt loss to a lesser team than south dakota state over the weekend so there we go Aaron says let's. Let's see a couple of a couple of texts. We got top tech sousa. And i just got this breaking news breaking news. Colfax breaking news today today. Only the competition of top text. Tuesday goes out the window the as far as getting to your three. Because here's what have. I have a pair of season tickets. A pair for the unc bears and this is a hot ticket. Let me tell you this folks for ed. Mccaffrey bears dila mccaffrey. So much fun to watch this defensive line. This is a this a hot ticket item. Trust me on this. We used to get floods of these things to give away. It is tight because people are going to. These games are out there. they're excited. I expect that first home game against lamar to just absolutely be madness. So i've got a pair of tickets on the lawn. Top text tuesday best texter of the day. Today wins the pair of tickets to go. See your unc. Bears all season long courtesy of fresco painters of south platte. So load up the text. I'm going to get to him. I got a lot to read but first let's get out of here. Get the latest on the local sports flash. The good afternoon guy with brian gerry weekday afternoons at three on northern colorado's voice one of three point one in thirteen ten. Kfi that ahmad is with dnv are the dnb are bar and the npr nuggets podcast. And you're listening to the whole show with radio twelve forty six time. It was a strange strange opening weekend. You know overall when you're looking at local teams. There were some great games on to. So that was that was pretty exciting. but over overall you know still think what the bears. i'm. I'm really curious to see how this houston baptist game turns out because you got all this buildup for unc right. I there's this all this buildup. All this hype. Well the hypes not gonna surround. This one as much is going to be hot down there too. So we'll see how the bears respond ultimately but it was It was a fun week. Man i mean it was a fun opening week again. I know we had games Two weeks ago but it was a fun overall opening week just to see these games rock and roll i venice text line Four seven eight nine seven four seven eight thirteen one nine seven four seven eight thirteen one. It is top techs tuesday today today. Only we're not in our regular best you get your three wins competition. We are going to give a pair of season tickets away to the best text. Texter of the day to go see the. Unc bears coach. Mccaffrey mccaffrey everybody for the rest of the home season. So we'll get into that more. Let's read some text errands assists. Cu starters played most of the game. Bears made some mistakes that gave up scores and cost points. Should have been thirty five. Twenty one i don't i don't really play. The should have been thirty. Five twenty one. Because he's still got to score the touchdown. You still got a. I don't really play that. I will give you this when they should have had them stopped when he was like third and fifteen or whatever in that mid second quarter and it should have still been zero zero odd. Give you that one. I don't like to play the well. If the bears don't throw an interception they score a touchdown they did throw. An interception did thrown interception. So i i don't like to play that one as much it was just. It was thirty five to seven. And yeah you could make a case that if felt closer. But i don't like to pretend to put points on the board i just. That's not my style on that one Yeah maybe it was on that one. I might give you that one. Let's see pillow fight. Dan coccia zero. Ain't it read that joe. Parker i read that joe parker wanted someone else. But joyce mcconnell didn't sign off interesting true which means the future is bleak. Well i mean he was the fourth option folks. You had other options that you were going to go with it. Just so happened that they all had some skeletons in their closet. Since joe parker was preaching that they were going to get guys that that had strong character they. They went in a different direction than low ball. Jan the drama play out with the colorado and not adagio any pretty right now It's just it's it's a tough spot and other texture had multiple very diehard ramp fans. Say that they aren't going to renew season tickets until the product improves. And that's coming from people. I never thought. I'd hear from because eventually you get to the point where you just say enough's enough and this is the product i mean. I you can sit here all day and tell me well. That's really good. Fc team it's an fcs team. If you're if you're that point. I mean to see you expect to lose right now. Just where they are right now because they've gone. They've made an improvement. They went to the alamo bowl last year. Karl rove is as raise the bar raise expectations. We'll see what happens against 'em but right now see you expect to be unc. They expect to be south dakota state. Here's a question for you would. Unc beat sea issue. If they would've played on friday night if that would've been the game on friday night and he's out to go to stay top. Fcs unc's probably i mean according to the preseason rankings near the bottom but i thought you see looked pretty good dixon says zack's got me pumped eleven six. Maybe it's happening going three and out to start out the gates man but let's go get rolling. Put the mortgage on it. Don't really do that..

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