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I had the chance for a few years until my last couple of years. My schedule hasn't really allowed it but I have a chance to go cover the state. Final Four State Championship game at nationwide and. It's a shame to me. More people don't know about that because it is so much fun. The athletes and coaches are so accessible. coaches that are big time coaches. You guys, you know that, are you? Know could be a college coach very easily. That coaching high levels. Saint Ed's saying nations some. University School schools like that, but they they come up and they thank you for being there because they're. Sport doesn't get the kind of coverage that other high school sports get and I was up there. The I I think he was the first year I covered I was up there for the seven overtime game that ended in a tie. That was crazy, because here's the first year I go. Up there with a lot of sports writers which I mean, there were only maybe five or six people covering the tournament but I'm up there with these guys, and and you know they're all like I've never seen the I can't imagine this continuing on, you know you get to watch history with guys that have covered hockey for twenty thirty years so that was really cool. But I wish more people got into state hockey. I wish more schools had it I just saw report. I'm sure you saw twos I know. You're into hockey as well. That the jess, as considering a second division for ice hockey coming up, maybe even this season of not maybe next year, and I know there they would like to have a three division setup I. Don't think that's going to be in the near term, but. I that if you're talking about the coverage of the News Journal, and obviously, we don't have any. Clinton cownie teams that have hockey which is a shame honestly but to be able to cover those games so my fun. Absolutely getting to be the voice of Central and spring borough hockey, it's it's a blast, and it's a shame that it's not covered as much in southwest Ohio because. I tell you there's some great teams I mean. Well let me turn around on you. Because obviously you cover those teams here. What is it going to take for? Some of these schools in southwest, Ohio obviously Columbus area, starting to break through their starting to find some competitive footing with the teams in the northern Ohio. What is it? GonNa take for these schools to actually be able to compete at the state level with the Saint. Ignatius the University School northview schools like that to finally break through I. Think it's been what nineteen seventy nine I think. Since a team south of Columbus won a state championship was at Centerville I. Think maybe that one that I'm at Centerville and that's the team outside Cleveland Toledo. That's won the state title. which what is it? GonNa? Take what's going to have to change for that to to finally? One of these schools are finally break through and win at that level. Wait a minute. Someone's asking me a question of my podcast. Return around on. That's not. Okay so in southwest Ohio. The big thing with hockey is there's not a lot of ice. Data is a little bit better than Cincinnati. Just because there's there's Hobart. There's kettering theirself south. Metro and they're ring filled. Although Springfield really doesn't see that much high school hockey I mean there'll be a couple times where. Columbus team and a Syndey team will meet up there. Just 'cause. That's kind of the halfway point..

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