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You for being very honest about that. It's always very hard. I think to say that. But you i think was what was really hard was when you said that you had to wash your face so many times speak. I'm white. i find that. Really really heartbreaking as well as everything else that you've been through please. I'm not demanding anything but i find that bit very hard. You know you are a person. You are a wonderful person. We're all humans and to see that his is awful. Just go back a little bit. You oversee your mom and dad met. While they were at cambridge university had a relationship they had you any students who has a child. It's quite a cultural shock. Whatever you do for your mom and your dad. It must have been incredibly difficult as well. Did your mother want to talk about that time in her life. Obviously you have the book that you've written. Was that quite a very sort of charged moment to talk about says. Well i never asked a questions about it. I asked a couple of times in let in a letter. Could you tell me about her life. And so she did reveal then that The shock and horror of when her parents realized she was pregnant and I also had a clearer picture of the circumstances. I then it was clear to me that my mother was. The brightest of the family are very gifted job that she had got a scholarship to newnham college to study classics in nineteen forty five so the last year of the second world war that my father had come from nigeria older than my mother and he was completing is law decree. It was trinity hall and then he went back tonight area but but basically what. I did discovering the letters that my mother had never told me was that i'm mother at one. Point was engaged to my father and that the plans was that he he was going to go back to nigeria and that she would join him at some point with me..

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