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For the Packers, they match up against the Tennessee Titans this evening. Good matchup. Packers are 11 and three titans come in with a 10 and four record the big news for the Packers. They have activated a senator Cory Lindsley from IR. They make a number of other roster moves in front of tonight's game. Defense tackle Bryan Price and Running back Dexter Williams are available for the active roster. Being elevated from the practice squad for Game day puncher Ryan Winslow has been signed to the practice, want and tighten. Dax Raymond has been released from the practice squad. On paper. It looks like a mismatch when the Packers offense is playing against the Titans defense, the Packers have one of the best offenses in the NFL. The Titans don't have a very good defense. But head coach Matt Leffler not paying attention to those numbers have to be really consistent on offense, making sure we get positive place and, you know, I just I've got a lot of respect for her. Obviously, the coaches there and I know A lot of those players, and it's gonna be a great challenge Every time you step on that field each and every week. I don't put too much stock into the numbers because every game has its own set of challenges, and this is no different than any other week. Kickoff tonight at 7 20. Our coverage is set to begin at four o'clock elsewhere around the NFL Day the Bears they are going to travel to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars. Other notable games. Colton's dealers they are playing in Pittsburgh today. The Washington football team has an opportunity to clinch a playoff spot. His head coach Ron Rivera, faces off against his former team, The Panthers and a big one in the NFC West as the Rams and Seahawks are gonna match up against each other in Seattle basketball, the Milwaukee Bucks get back at it this evening after playing on Christmas Day and getting the first one of the season when they knock off Golden State. They are Madison Square Garden tonight for a match up against the owing to Nick's 6 30 tip off tonight Because we've got the Packers here. You can hear the Bucks Knicks game on our sister station, 94 5, ESPN. Take 10 basketball two games that yesterday number 18 Illinois knocks off Indiana 69 60, Northwestern over number 23, Ohio State 71 to 70. Wisconsin gets back at it coming up on Monday when they'll take on Maryland Marquette. They don't play again until January, 2nd against Georgetown. Milwaukee was supposed to play two games against you. I see this weekend, but those games were canceled. You two covert issues. What the U I C program map. Ali WTMJ Sports. Thanks a lot back coming up in just a couple of minutes Mark cast from the Milwaukee business Journalists gonna share his top 10 business stories of 2020. That's all ahead on Wisconsin weekend morning, this 33 degrees of 8, 19 and wtmj. The designer yard show with bread..

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