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Be a dream life. Good Being A. Short is hosted by me. Justin long it is co hosted and produced by you. Christian law and who else Mega Monaco but a senior producer, and that is l.. Me's land audio. Engineer is Joe in Rica's and their two executive producers, one marshal, Louis and or non Lopez for a company called wondering great job at changing things up. We to keep it fresh for the kids. On ballers! I didn't tell you this. Or I can just WANNA. See you picture. Out I worked. There like it's Regarding, Cuanto or Cuanto. I'll give you a hint. He's a rat. He's in a rapper group. They're very popular. He That sounds like a breakfast Taco. Their group sounds a breakfast Taco. NEGUS! He's one of the migos. He's Amigo and I was like. You know he was a day. Somebody told me. He's in Migo and they're like he's in migos. They were very. New Amiga says the practice talk. They called me guests to. Now then they're migos, the migos. There the migos..

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