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Search is underway in Maldon after a man was found shot on Arch Street investigators releasing disturbing and racist excerpts from the notebook of Nathan Allen, the man who allegedly shot and killed two people last month. In Winthrop. Turmoil in Haiti, the country's ambassador to the U. S. Says four people suspected of assassinating President Jovan employees are dead. Two others are in custody. He's calling for an internal investigation. Unfortunately, we have That President. Uh it was killed. Uh, now we need to to make sure that they're gonna see carries on and then and to see how we can We consider the country together. The ambassador says The suspects are foreigners and the Haitian national Police are working to determine where they're from. The assassins stormed the president's home, shooting him and his wife early yesterday morning. The first lady is in critical but stable condition at a hospital in Miami maybe sees Elizabeth Chelsea reports the U. S. Is condemning the attack. US. Secretary of State Antony Blinken called Hades into interim prime minister late Tuesday, extending his condolences. And vowing to support the Haitian government and its people in Massachusetts lawmakers are reacting Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey both say they're horrified. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley on the Congressional Haiti caucus is calling for an investigation as well. The question remains. Will Governor Charlie Baker run for a third term WBC's John Bay? Beck asked yesterday in Springfield Governor Baker talking a lot about a program geared to at risk kids, giving them something to do nights and weekends to stay busy during the summer while meeting with reporters, the question came again, though, so Are you running for re election? That is something the lieutenant governor and I have been talking about with our families and will certainly make a decision about that soon. The answer hasn't varied by a word. Over the last several weeks, he won't define how long soon will be. And he says he's not put off at all by former state representative Jeff Deal, also seeking the Republican nomination for governor. Baker says. If someone has something to offer the state and wants to get in the race more power to them. In the Springfield bureau. John Bay. Bach WBZ Boston's news radio. The Boston City Council is considering whether to keep pandemic era measures for city elections this year. That would include the mayoral election this fall and mean expanded early voting the option to vote by mail without an excuse and same day voter registration. If approved by the city and sent to Beacon Hill, the proposal would need to clear the Legislature. They're already working to figure this out on a statewide level. A judge has just rejected an attempt to stop parts of Georgia's controversial voting law. Here's Sarah Bartlett. The lawsuit brought by the Group Coalition for Good Governance supposed new requirements that voters request absentee ballots at least 11 days before election Day and also opposed new rules on election observers. The judge cited ongoing runoff elections in the state and said he wouldn't change the law in the ninth inning. The Justice Department is currently suing the state over its election law. Meanwhile, Texas Republicans are introducing a new bill meant to address election integrity in that state. The Bell filed last night would ban drive through voting require an ID for mail in voting and empower partisan poll watchers it would.

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