Kyle Korver, Rodney Hood, Michael Jordan discussed on Boston Herald Radio


The twenty first quarter points on his six game seventeen of twenty four that's the point that i really want to hammer home he's within the context of the game he he's capable but he didn't do it and game they were home the games on the road in sweat four point at some point some of those other dudes are going to be i wouldn't be surprised if he did i just don't think it's going to have well it's on his fault they lose the series if the players in the role and the other starters they made a change last night kyle korver who was their second best player and jr smith the third best buy you started them because they're not gonna on their legs so that's like rodney hood has never been in the postseason no those guys they started and they still only one by three i catch it nope i'm just saying like they have to do better i think now did you forty six every night lebron right now is in the same spot that michael jordan was early in his career before pippen became an allstar caliber player jordan made the playoffs in eighty six he was swept by the celtics in a five game series of the twenty had the sixty three in overtime in game number two and then he continued on he'd make the playoffs and get bounced in the first or second round because he was playing with nobody was like granville waiters and was the second best player on his team a guy who lost his hair prematurely and kevin mckell referred to him as grandpa waiters he had nobody around him and he'd put up thirty eight forty points and they'd lose lebron is kind of at that stage now he has to carry the team because the supporting cast as michael jordan always referred to his teammates as the supporting cast if lebron james came out and said my supporting cast he'd get amored but again michael jordan jones bedroom no i.

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