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Hello richard daniel in lionel. This is a question from tristan in paris about romande. I noticed on an episode of the podcast a few days ago that he was speaking almost flawless english which is rare. Sometimes for french. Sports people i wondered. Is this a new thing remember. Could it be related to him. Moving to a less french for international team and finally are there any other scientists who speak unexpected languages that you have come across. Thank you very much. We'll find to your question about roman bar day and his ability with english. He's always been a good decent english. Yeah it's obviously improve the sam. But he yeah. I mean as far as i can remember. He's spoken english but other french writers who speak good english. Well as a real generational change rich slightly to the dismay of of someone who's used to riders and into your french fries french. Well a lot them speaking is now. It's very strange maturity here for francois tommaso to be interviewing french writers. In english he did one of juliana philippe. Our fully policy speaks english because he's on a branch. I'm very he's on a team. Wearing english is is the the main language to current quickstep. I'm not that's that's usually a fight there and it just so happens a lot. The franchises are still infringe teams. And french's definitely language there anita writer to join those teams like lower. Have to learn french. Although i went to a rally on perry pont at the front and he speaks very good english. Yea like i say. He's a generational thing. I i would say. The guys of sort of twenty seven to one thousand eight or under now all tend to speak pretty good english. Some of the older right as you say the ones who spent the whole career in french teams particularly Groupama f- dj on demolished doesn't really doing interviews and think tiba never done tomorrow does speak. She sounds like something they all speak. People pino's brother has coach. Who he noel julia. He speaks good english he does he does but yeah the cultures chain who is changing among the italians as well most of them speak speaking decent english now also about writers who unexpectedly speak other languages or Speak unexpected languages. Few to mind cheers base. Police reserve very difficult language to learn. But i mean unexpectedly. He's wife is polish and he has now become polish as a result of that But still that's a bit of a feather in his cap isn't a Gilmartin the in the mixon. Yesterday speaking pretty decent spanish. Which i didn't i didn't quite work out when i'd come from. The there was no obvious reason why he would speak. Good spanish chris. Moi's impressed me that he would have a go in you know. He answered questions at press conferences. In spanish italian. He did a french as well A few others. George bennett in speaks pretty good dutch. I'm heard him doing choosing Obviously written for an mcewen all lately. My hayman still lives in in the netherlands. I think st boss speaks excellent dutch flemish. He obviously race there. For years. cyclocross races. Mikhail honore speaks very good italian. He has an italian girlfriend however so again probably understandable. He would be good italian. The british riders are different different story on secret. The british people generally not know him me. Nice it for language. Learning the have been exceptions anomaly. She coffee speech. Frankly spanish he's okay. He's lived in spain for many years. But we've seen other british riders listen countries for many years and not picked up anything or next to nothing and david administered france. Bradley wiggins friend. Yeah so yeah. They're they're all. There are a few who really relish the challenge of learning and speaking at the other jelavic a few weeks ago lives in girona big sat in girona. Think about the people who live during the writers live in girona 'em don't speak the local angeles decathlon and he said that if they sometimes when there aren't nearby in girona face speak spanish they will be replied to in english because english would be the favourite language over spanish and catalan. The the number one language. So i mean excuse to me but tristan asked about room body. We had another question about buday. Didn't really rich. I stay twin the other day how it was concocted constructed directed. What role did winston. The dsm teeth slash coach. Play well happily. Fortunately i spoke to matt winston about precisely that in his first season with the morning after wilma yesterday. Raymond a lot of credit for when you made the decision to to launch him on that final climate again. Was this one of these that you studied planned given remind kabezi dies before that it was very much sort of the opinion that day for him. We knew that was a day that would really suit him one thing. That's not been this well to so far is how long it will take the breakway to go. So you do have to be short from the star. And i always kind of bring the kickers. The close towns okay now is is an opportunity we saw yesterday. There was a group away and we came down the main road. He could see it in the distance so kind of gave the radio k. Guys to kick headaches where we have to be shot. The brazzi formed over that originally. We want a few more guys in the break because just help support but we we kind of. I saw the composition of the break enough. Okay we can. We can work with this in a in a good way. So i am a break went out. It was kind of a little bit negative not breakway at the end of course also is a sport car. We say follow romanis strongest climber i and i was saying that to him during the stage guys will follow. You just have to stay patient and we have to use this where we have to really use the calls to take our advantage so we tried a few times. it's also headwind on the last climb. Make easy when you're trying to launch an attack once we got into the mall the mall tree area and it was kind of a left turn when went seven percent up to ten percent. I said okay. This is where we have to now. We give it a go. We go all in and we'll see what happens. I wrote trae across the breakway straight past and continue so yeah it was a nice white state to state and it was the kind of one way you imagine a well. Maybe a less experienced rider and less able sports director. My loans through a bit sooner because prom looks getting decent gap and you're into the danger zone there. Yeah i think we we looked at. I kept saying to me in the radio. As long as it's less than a minute we can still do anything. Open till four or five k. To go when you have a guy like ramon you can close up with in the last five when you think of how hard is false has been so far and how hot it's been in. How hard the paul calls have been. Then everyone's kind of racing already a little bit fatigued so it was kind of a little bit risk but he was also one way. I said we'd have to keep believing over you. Stop investing and you start really thinking about victory. So i just kept trying to motivate inskeep believing. It's still possible we can still do it. And then when he launched it and then he looked he. Also look super super gordon across.

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