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Things seem to be getting better. Don't think weather's getting warmer viruses. Actually in a good place. The little uptick right down notwithstanding, Here's my point. While things are quote unquote getting better. The fact that we are emerging does not mean that your kids are not still suffering and might not yet for a while. If they have a drug or alcohol dependency. It may have gotten worse. They may have developed one. It's hard for you to keep score, and it's sure hard to know what to say and what to do, because you don't want to make things worse. You could use the trusted third party, another set of ears to listen to the family situation and maybe guide you and that's what Rose Krantz does. Rose Krantz every day, Rose Krantz. Works with families just like yours, giving them support and tools to lead happy, healthy lives. They've been doing this for more than a century. And last year, Rosecrans helped 16,000 teens just like yours. So let's start with that phone call or zoom, call or in person call and sit down with one of their Advisors and see if they can't come up with the recommended course of action. If it includes in in person, inpatient therapy know that they will have a robust days of learning and healing. They can bring that someone back to the person you know is in there and it starts with just a click to roast Krantz dot or G'kar Rose Krantz, Life's Waiting 66 degrees and cloudy at 12 30. Good afternoon. I'm don clipping. This news report is sponsored by Grand View Homes. Chicago Police arrested a man this weekend after a three day crime spree in Chicago. First look at WGN traffic. Here's Mary Vandeveld and Traffic is sponsored by Dairy queen Hey, D Q fans the D Q. Chicken and Biscuits basket is ready to celebrate your many wins with many biscuits, not to mention the 100% all white meat, chicken strips. Let's celebrate, Shall we? Only at your dick? You happy tastes good. No problems on the Eaton's. The inbound Kennedy is tight in from North Avenue. Eisenhower. Just a slight outbound delay around Austin Stevenson and the Dan Ryan are in good shape. Inbound side of the Bishop Ford some backups into 115 east on I 80 at Cherry Hill and accident off to the side in an accident in Oprah, Get 83, 16th Straits. Preventable deputy in traffic. Central.

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