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Cook, California, The House discussed on Bill Cunningham


The seventy five year old living in hospice now at not right uh obamacare our says you can't charge somebody anymore so that means the twenty five year old is gonna pay for the seventy five old and hospice who wants to go like their of million dollars in death benefit though in certain this is an insurance this is a welfare scheme yes and it's uncontainable and it almost seem quite right the republicans are in cook looked at them crept up th the collapse of the healthcare that to go single payer and i can't come to any other can quit california california the blue is the blue states and the last six months have tried single payer california cow care they call it and with what they super majority in the house the senate and the governorship a california that the actual worry aerial say the whole system collapses we have to spend one hundred twenty two hundred twenty percent of our state budget for this one item and collapse everything else in state government california democrats have said we can't every single pair what if you took that throughout the old country i know we're collapse did on never work again i conduct the same question why are they doing stupid jerry table that pretty area open their stupid and you're probably rider still on geared that that who's running the country and every time paul ryan gets around my president it looks iit's constant paid at the horrible on come on a woody rather he'd rather have hillary clinton honestly the republicans would rather of hillary clinton i greatly new vigor keep running dined when they woke up the day upto and no oh no what do we do now it's come like dogcatchers car yet what do we do now exactly if they had hillary their life would be great for the republicans oh that's a really bad thing to come to that realization what basically leeper quick no representation except for donald trump he's my guy were screwed blue tattooed barbecued and tuesday when tuesday rolls around and affect lewis fool it looks like my armpit from kentucky mitch mcconnell says we can't get fifty votes now obamacare's they better quickly go to tax reform event will do tax reform by the end of the.

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Cook, California, The House discussed on Bill Cunningham

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