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Nder and so it's i want to talk to him about the game about maybe getting underclassmen in i want to talk to him about good drinking spots that we don't know about because i want to talk about vs for sure so there's there's a lot of senior bowl in mobile stuff we can get into it nagy but do less start like we do every wednesday those go around the league and as we were setting up today you asked me you're like hey you still watch the bachelor and the bachelorette i don't want to correct you but it's the bachelorette i had i i am so what it looked like they played football this week then i ask you what is going on first off why do you watch it that's one thing i need i'm not judging you i'm generally curious i'm genuinely curious okay so this is mellow and i sit down every monday night and watch it and the reason that this started was because in our friend group there's one girl amy and we we love her but we drag her to do all this guy stuff you know we're going to we're going a game we're going to you know to breweries it would finally like damn this isn't very fair what do you wanna do what can we what can we do for you and that's what she wanted was to watch the bachelor last year and we all got hooked so now it's like a monday night tradition where we gotta sit down and i even did a meat and cheese night and got like nice wine tried to you get like into this oh i get really into it it's like i throw a party every monday night so it's great but yeah they played some football on monday night and they actually played tackle football it surprised me they did with hockey helmets on and shoulder pads was like that weird crossover it's just like so gimmicky right.

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