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While day on Wall Street tell me said Brady fox news four hundred eighty two points at the closing bell but it had been up over a thousand points at times and also in negative territory earlier overall though still cheering the two trillion dollar relief deal reached in the US Senate assistance goes to individuals families we're trying to keep people off of unemployment so the small businesses in is contingent on holding payrolls steady the president's top economic adviser Larry Kudlow also seeming to downplay some new last minute concerns from four Republican senators who say for some workers it'll pay more to be laid off the Senate has not voted yet cobit nineteen cases in the U. S. soaring past sixty thousand today as containment efforts also spread fox's John decker is live at the White House just a day after president trump said during a fox news virtual town hall they hope to open up parts of the U. S. economy by Easter Sunday a top Pentagon doctor said the corona virus pandemic is showing no signs of letting up over the next three weeks according to the latest military models airforce brigadier general Paul Friedrichs the doctor for the Pentagon's joint chiefs staff told reporters that any potential easing of restrictions in the coming weeks could potentially in his words make this worse Friedrich said what matters is what the U. S. is doing right now to mitigate this outbreak Lisa thanks John you may have noticed new precautions at the store several grocery store chains including Walmart Kroger and Publix have started installing plexiglas barriers to protect cashiers and pharmacists from covert nineteen boxes Jonathan Serrie meantime the governors of Minnesota and Idaho just announcing new state wide stay at home orders America is listening to fox three W. Y. P. C. mobile news all the level.

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