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Yeah. So she said, basically, the Streisand she said something about like containment lasted, but those children as you heard say grownup Robson in safe Joe they were thrilled to be there. This is what driving side in regards to those kids. But then listen before you'll find by both children. So it didn't kill them is what she said. I know. But before you're abused takes to Disneyland. You could dislikes Mazen. Then you got us. Also my ruin Molly. How'd you recover from? Almost go them. You know, I mean, it's pretty much just the tortured people constantly is that every decision in their life. It's not won't be just a case of a Cecilio. I was molested by Michael Jackson. It's like everything in the life is just overshadowed by that. And you can't you can't like a guess. Like discern or obstruct from it. Like these things if is this just me yours this. You know, what happened to me my past? He's are things affected one. Young age their pin shaped onto shaped until seven and yet jail us when he was hanging on gather crazy body to one of them fake. I think the whole Hollywood scene is a business in look at everything from Charlie Sheen to Madonna even to some of the managers of happen league JC getting money to what's his bus? The guys lesbian known. She might a famous while e Lassie chatting Tatum. I coned tanning Tatum. Because it looks like you say Jesse is not. Wait minute and thought she was the Lisbon. She doesn't use shift other Marlet successors ago, you're on the fuck and bulbous the heartbeat. Expected. The report but somebody's this conspiracy theories. But I'll see you thought she was this thing is that she looks much ex wife, they think maybe just by a who is he married to. Don't know us previous wife's name, she says by sexually by she'll allocate was fades. That's like me. I used to be. But it's just a phase. No, you're still there doing this shit. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love my stinky GT, I don't often drink when I do go to ten have you seen him? We'll Scotland's going to be fighting for the title on cage warriors in against judge shore and opening his own name. A major impairment. Good for you. I guess maybe. Yeah. That's cool. What does he fighting for the tail the twenty seventh of this month? Thank nice like this huge weight for way, less today. I'll be Saudi able. He's a destroyer. Howdy be focused like by technically. You know? I'm genetically able is. It's as if he's like me who's like a high function Nydia with shit genetics. He's good genetics undies like tentacles. Well, but he's bee's nece ways is taking his well, take a head cook. Already had kicked him in the face one day and never came again. Because he. He retired. This. So was the knocker the day inaugural self with the heads. No. But he's a he's a gifted athlete. He deserves what he gets like. The thing that a lot of people do once they start to get a little bit success is is build these gems in the diversifying their portfolio split. So it speak, and then he can live off that as well as other than our life. Because only one Bill is Jim. I don't know how it would work. If you're trying to do. Back of being a name amaze star, you're doing it through sheer dislike. Yes. Yeah. Dan that that means I can dedicate the time to the gym trying to be like a. Highway. Lastly, I don't know how that would work out. In balancing, the one fires extremely competitive. You know in its does that tons late whale into teaching in having a gym in whatever think of the workload score is going to have. All right. So he is a professional athlete is working in ninety five job. He has a following with kids. Well, Jim antiques judo where the fuck does not mind the team from in a lake. The. We feel tired. Get out get the KGB late at least news. Tired like you've got one one. Shea

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