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Lost a little bit of it it's all me too i lost a little bit of leicester four just because it's so saturated right now til this kind of like you know like you said they look at us like well shut up you know bush edward zwick you talk about this is what it is right now i her what's his name i don't even know his name he debt irrelevant to me he's probably a good bob player though a ball boy um uh what's his name that's their nods is washed up and he can't wrap past when i knew that it was time for me to pack must stephane go another direct shit uh you know he said now as this black nobody listen and nar's is all about when he wants to have jimmy lows right bounced a wo now i get it they are milan if he did it in proba from atlanta if the pa on on a wearing from he's a ball player and i think he's on a lake i've heard him talk about is recently they added any with eight issued no attention life or a theories yeah he's a neighbor from up north in ill matic is one of the best cds of all current alltime think you not west coast so let's go always be team west to me as far as i'm concerned probably two of the best lewis to taught the top of my head is yuck mouth and and none other than to park so you know i'm always go down eighty april yet map ashley longtime were borrowing with a crash lynch thank you thank you let me tell you people say what that's just cut the image of people no because that point is the metaphor kink i'm telling you fifty cent would against inc lost the game with against in loss people got into lay research in they had this alluding later when it comes to them metaphors an embargo the arta here pat like if you battling that man got it man he been doing this man and if you say youth desk still and i want you to listen to us song when you've got chair chairs it's off of his first solo album this the double cd the dow parman bloomberg i l k appellations par one apart to end in a song revelations the story of his life.

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