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This is the five o'clock report I'm. Matt Reese breaking now Nashville favorite. For vacationing tristate police there are hunting for two suspects. They consider cold blooded killers who are armed and dangerous they may have pulled a double murder this weekend. And could be. Linked to a couple of other shootings earlier this month police say the pair may be. Linked to at. Least four shootings in and around Nashville an intense. Manhunt, now underway this morning amid fears they could kill again police say. They believe the suspects are still in the Nashville area all. Of those crimes happening within about a, ten mile radius authorities are now stepping up their patrols especially where where these crimes have. Happened and they're telling people not to go out alone, JBC's, area over sheaf in Nashville Now the latest traffic and weather together accident on seventy five north in Covington a couple of. Vehicles wrecked and blocking the left lane now those may, use forecast from GNC weather center buy. One get one half off say. I heart radio station tonight partly cloudy skies a low sixty. Eight tomorrow a chance of showers. And thunderstorms mainly after two PM partly sunny and a. High of eighty five showers and thunderstorms are likely tomorrow night and Tuesday a high of eighty on Tuesday. And Wednesday no. Rain in, the forecast mostly sunny day and a little bit cooler with a high of. Seventy seven degrees. Right now we have ninety three degrees in Cincinnati. Murder, in northern Kentucky this weekend among the last words onto the victim. Included the name of the killer Kentucky state police called to. The three hundred block of Keefer Lawrence, Bill Roedy yesterday evening about the possible shooting once police arrived they found the victim fifty. One year old berry Kenner Ken I. Was actually, able to call nine one one even after being shot. And telling the dispatcher Paul James junior pulled the trigger Kenner was transported to. A nearby hospital where he later died from his injuries. After, a brief investigation police arresting the thirty nine, year old James junior in connection. To the death of Mr. Kenner. Ks p continues their investigation rob carpenter News, Radio seven hundred w uh w the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani says Mr. Trump should not testify. For special counsel Robert Muller because he could get trapped. I'm not going to be rushed into having, him testify so that he, gets trapped into perjury and when you tell me that you know he should testify. Because she's going to tell the truth they should, worry well that's so silly because. It's somebody's version of the truth not the truth Giuliani on meet the press this morning later former FBI director James Komi reacted he tweeted that quote truth exists and truth matters in his message Komi. Says the truth is always been the touchstone of our countries Ju Justice system and political life Indianapolis fans have been listening to Bobby lamie since the mid nineteen seventies was announced his retirement, now after thirty one years of doing play by. Play for the Indianapolis Colts also, did Pacers games, back, in the nineteen seventies, Lamy's successor is Matt. Taylor the Bengals, have released veteran defensive back George I- loca apparently clearing the way for rookie Jessie. Bates I local was going into the third year of a five-year thirty million dollar contract read. Sweeping the giants with this afternoon's, eleven to four win at great American ballpark the reds now go, on the road. At, Milwaukee tomorrow night and then at Chicago next weekend at, the western and southern open KiKi Burton's ranked number seventeen in the world upset, number one ranks. Mona Hal up this, afternoon for, the women's championship second title of. Two thousand, eighteen for Burton's the men's final is next Roger Federer Against Novak Djokovic which news the service of advanced dentistry. Our next updates coming up at. Five thirty Matt Reese NewsRadio seven hundred wwl MS RPM invoice list price dealer price Toby Knapp. Here if your, car shopping you've probably heard these terms but what do they mean it's so confusing well it was confusing.

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