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To Adam Schefter, the Buccaneers have signed a key hicks. Ew. Jeez. A one year $10 million deal before him. And Sue's not coming back? That means Sue is not coming back. And that is a big maneuver bears fans know how good he can be when he is healthy. That is some huge news there. In Tampa Bay, so Dominic and Sue is going to have to find a new home, but up to 10 million bucks it is worth, or $4 million less than what apparently Aaron Donald slated to make this year. That's on the table for everyone to talk about because Aaron Donald was on the highly popular I am athlete podcast that is a honcho by our friend, my friend Brandon Marshall. And this is a sound bite from this podcast in which Aaron Donald said he would be at peace after 8 years in the league if he doesn't play anymore. But he's at peace with his career. As it currently stands fresh off the Super Bowl. However, that Super Bowl winning team causes him oddly enough, as you know, lack of a better phrase from our Friends at Wall Street, greed is good. And it might be really good for the rands because it's apparently that's what has him thinking about nothing but winning again. I'm happy. I'm fine. I don't need to play. The thing that I don't need to play football to be fine. I'm fine. I was blessed to play this game. To make the money I made, the accomplishments I made in 8 years is like, I'm complete. If I can win another one, that's great, but I'm at peace. So if the business doesn't make sense to you, you're willing to. I'm at peace. You're on that piece. I'm at peace. By the way, Brandon Marshall asks, outstanding questions. He got right into it with them. Talking about the business aspect of things. And asked them if it's about money and Aaron Donald said it's not about money, but then said that the business side of things needs to be right for him and his family. Which leads people to believe rightfully so. You'd like to be paid some more. But he wants to keep playing football. So my two cents on this is if it's about money, less need is going to figure it out. The last thing that's going to happen here is these lists like the rams didn't want to pay me what I deserve. I am quitting. On the outset of a title defense season, that looks terrific on its face. And if Donald has the pulse of his teammates and they of him, and I think he does, and I think teammates take their cues from him, and he takes his cues from them, too. As you know, Cooper cups in line for a lot more, and he's shown up. So I don't think this is a an issue, it is, you know, on the out set of June 1, I don't believe this is going to be a problem. I think the rams, if Donald wants to be paid, will pay him the only issue is he's 31. He's got three years left on the 6 year $135 million deal that paid him a ton of guaranteed money. He's already gotten his roster bonus of 5 million bucks. His salary for this year is just 9 million in change. 14 million on the cat for this year for the following two years. So this is good for the rams. For that, the total cash for this year ranks a 102nd in the league. These are not numbers for somebody who had a walk off sack in not just the Super Bowl, but also a regular season game against the Arizona Cardinals. Remember that one? That was when the Cardinals were two up on them. But the few to go and the rams took control of that. He also had that walk off rush of Garoppolo that led to the interception that wrapped up the NFC championship game. I mean, we don't need to go on how valuable he is and what he does and best player in the NFL as voted by his peers and rightfully so. So if there's somebody you can figure out what to pay him and how to pay them and make sure that they're on the back end, they don't have a guy who's already way over the hill, which I don't know if that's possible with this guy, but father time is undefeated. Except for Tom Brady. Except for Tom Brady. And Donald did defeat him. Did he not? So I think they'll figure that out. But he also said that the Super Bowl is going to want him to come back and that he wants to have a chance to win. Guess who's giving him a chance to win. With everybody coming back, and then some. Alan Robinson now there, Bobby Wagner's there. He's going to basically say, I don't want to play in front of Bondi Wagner. I think this will get handled, but for the moment something interesting to talk about on the outset of June. Andrew Brant will place this in front of him when he comes in studio next. If you can only pay one and you're the rams. Donald or Cooper Cup. Oh, come on, man. No, the other way around. No, come on, bro you can find receivers. Again, it's very special. It's incredible. I mean,.

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