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Public health is building site for infected nursing home patients officials say these sites will have a hundred beds that are specifically for infected patients who either don't need hospitalization or who've been discharged yes run on petrol long the whole state of Texas could lose tens of thousands of jobs takes account of his doctorate Perryman says the metro area could see more than seventy seven thousand jobs lost in a recent report a person testing positive for covert nineteen at the downtown Austin salvation army has been given Stoke fears of the virus will easily run through the homeless population also public health director Stephanie hated says it's also a concern for groups that hand out meals how can we provide whether it's meals or protective equipment to our partners so they can stand back up their operations can't cleanings will continue in the city has begun installing hand washing stations and portable restrooms under overpasses your Kaylee J. radar weather watch low fifty eight high seventy seven get Austin news on demand at newsradio kale B. J. dot com this is coast.

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