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Graham isn't producing nonsense this is a problem a lot of people believe what comes out of computer so what we know is if you put a planet like the earth on a circular orbit it should stay on the circuit warping most of us have noticed the earth has kept going around the sun at about the same distance all our lives and i believe that scientists have known that it's been about the same place for billions of years so if you write a computer code that tells you that the earth wanders off and its orbit changes on the times go a couple years there's something wrong with your program i get it and that was the mistake i made with this project so looking back on that seventeen year old me good ambition good taste needed some training needed to learn some stuff when you got to princeton us selected physics as your major dubbing it and i quote really exciting i read that attending the woodrow wilson school of public and international fairs was your second choice or close second choice would influence your decision to abandon that choice and ultimately pursue physics i've always wanted to do something that was politically relevant i've always been fascinated by politics matra now quite active in science politics and i think i didn't so much abandon the woodrow wilson school but got drawn into astronomy i had the opportunity to do research on my junior year with two terrific faculty there's a visiting professor from oxford who gave me this problem actually studying orbits going back to my high school project but now doing this in a very deep way mathematically and i really love learning the sort of the mathematical elegance of the orbits.

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