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Beats. You Go. So reason the south here day produces like to me. Beats by the pound and chaotic. Kelsey should go down in history right alone timber, and the Neptune's because masterpiece single handedly changed the way that people could out records everybody from. All the major everybody's putting out to to record CEO masterpiece theater. You know and I noticed. How nobody still to this day? Screen out? You know these. People are not going to do that since ain't. Nobody goes screaming my name, my name before my beat, and another thing was ti was the one that made him. Keep it on the record because I had been doing the David Banner, but either artists would take it out or. The radio station would would take it out. On a tip called. Too High and told him a man deploy work hard like. Don't mess with my record. Play my record. Do I said record. and. Ti and David Banner maybe the reason why you able to put your tags before your songs, but. The thing is I always. My Dad taught me not to be like you know from ego. People are supposed to tell the history, but I believe because of slavery. We not proud of history, and that's why I'm so glad that you did this today. Because the beats on that album right there. Bro I don't know what I was. Smoking our back and listen to that album. I was years ahead of much. I still haven't heard nothing as sonically were maybe maybe fifty six and close. Like I remember have record I having just just a big miss, but like it was another feeling when Lachapelle came on and steel comes on in the club that..

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