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And around the world hears Michael Bar Tom, Lisa John. Thank you very much. Joe Biden is now ahead of President Trump in Georgia by a razor thin margin. Former vice president leads Trump by at least 917 votes. Biden is also narrowing trumps lead in Pennsylvania as well. President Trump last night at the White House, providing no proof of any vote fraud. Alludes to it by predicting widespread legal action. We think there'll be a lot of litigation because we can't have An election stolen by like this. Others, including Republicans are saying show me the evidence. Former GOP Congresswoman Barbara Comstock says she feels what the president did last night was wrong. It was reprehensible and not only was graceless, you know, sore loser are anticipating being a loser. It is dangerous to our election integrity. Joe Biden is urging patients. Each ballot must be counted and that's what we're going to see going through now, and that's how it should be. According to a peace electoral vote count. Biden has 264 Trump has 214. Meanwhile, election officials in several states say they are worried about the safety of their staff amid cascades of threats and protesters responding to President Trump's insistence of voter fraud, Global name is 24 hours a day. Don't here and on Bloomberg quick, take power by more than 2700, journalist analyst More than 120 countries on Michael Barra, and this is Bloomberg. America voted sacred. It's how people of this nation expressed their world is the will of the voters know one, not anything else that chooses the president states for America so each ballot must be counted. And that's what we're going to see going through. Now. Our goal is to defend the integrity of the election. We will not allow the corruption to steal such an important election or any election. For that matter on DH can't allow silence of anybody to silence their voters. Good morning, she won't President Trump and former vice President Joe Biden overnight. They're the latest development this morning..

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