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This is Dan Patrick back in our to the Dan Patrick show half. Spurlock Connor fritzy, we're still here. Dan patch show Dan's under the weather day. We got the helm. One first hour heard a lot from Rams fans a little later in the in the hour. We're gonna hear more lines a loaded with Rams fans unveiling the pain today Pearl off. I mean, the most pain we heard was Ross Tucker complaining about all media room lay out for lunch. That was that was tough radio. That was really heartening. I'm not sure who is tougher to be around when they haven't had a full meal you or Ross Tucker because if you're not well fed you could be a little surly yourself. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Atlanta. I don't know if you guys noticed, but I it was there were some desperate food situation. When we are on the road. We get in about two hours before the show. And if the food is in there within an hour the first day Monday, you guys remember what happened with catering? I will never forget this. Yeah, there's come till nine some of the stuff that we had to fight through Seton that not having omelettes onset early. And that's what we expect. It was a disastrous start to the week. There's no doubt about that. I mean, I, oh, I couldn't think of it's it's just as disastrous as Tom Brady. Throwing an interception on the first play the Super Bowl. Or his first throw of the Super Bowl. I mean, it was that catastrophic. I gotta tell you though, I stayed extra day in Atlanta. I came home Sunday show. Many people came up to me and talked about various guests on our show last week. It was incredible. What what was did any guest question? Stand up more than others of the Dan Patrick show last week us. Well, yeah, there's that. But it wasn't just just Kyla berry. I know you're talking about it was a lot of Cam Jordan saquon Barkley. There's so many guys got a lot of reaction to shec- people. Just love the interviews. We had last week. And then there was Kyla Murray. We are going to talk about the column our interview last week and bring back some audio. From that interview. Let's talk about last night. Where were you guys set up for the game? What's your strategy? I'll go last. But what's fritzy I'll start with you? What was your strategy your back home? Did you go party? Did you bunk bunker down with some many hotdogs what you do? I would've loved the there with my wife, and my daughter up the road to a friend's house to watch the first half who are the Super Bowl they had a Super Bowl pointed. But thankfully, I had a nice chair in front of a big TV trying to avoid a whole lot of chatting. I said hi to everybody when I first got there. So then I can kind of be antisocial just focus on the game. While it was going on. You have a choice to not go to the party. I did. But I had blown it off a few other times. And in speaking with my wife, she said let why don't we go for the first half may or may not stay for the, you know, the halftime show. And then she promised me we'd get backed by the second half. So I could sit at my laptop and watch the game in the privacy, everyone homework on guests and all that kind of thing. So I worked on nicely. Got some food said hi to some friends and by by the start of the third quarter. I was home. And it was it was quite lovely. I went into. An isolation chamber in the bedroom and headroom. Yeah. So the bedroom. That's probably I'm not a huge TV you're dealing with. No, I had a small TV, but the distractions downstairs with the kids I did not want to risk it. Not the issue was I had made a huge Chile two kinds of meat. No big deal. And I had to eat that in the bedroom, which my wife was upset. I'm like at Super Bowl. We all have to do things adjustable with adjust. Yeah. I did the same actually not in the in the bedroom..

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