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During send you speak about it here very eloquently are a free press the rule of law a a an independent judiciary and so on he's waged war at least a war of words on all of those institutions well what effort the president thinks about this instititions those institutions are holding in they're going to hold and ideas it healthy though for him to be too i would happily out about happily be in a situation in which we had uh less rhetoric that was to my mind disparaging of some of the institutions they think service well but the fact is that the institutions are serving as and they're serving as well and i will tell you david you've worked for president in the united states have indeed right every president is a little surprised and frankly a little put off by the fact that there are all of these constraints you've heard the president for whom you work i've heard the president's room i've worked say what do you mean i can't at i ideas guess because we tell the people you're the most powerful man in the world and to a certain extent yes but not really because they're all are all of these constraints so when you have a president who's never operated in politics at all who hasn't been a governor or a senator i think you're perhaps going to have more of that but i would just emphasizes i do in the book that what democracies have going for them is that they're not dependent on the whims or the nature of any one person the institutions are enduring the difference of course between the president's that we work foreigners prison lose the uh the presence we weren't for express their frustration in private to us not in tweets and in public for the president's for whom we worked came out of the system uh the president's for whom i worked george hw bush had held every important title it seems in america george w bush had been governor of texas barack obama.

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