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The kind of stuff that just gets me katie and and makes me love this job over and over again we saw the austin jackson catch that was up over the bullpen wall at fenway park on tuesday night that he flips sideways and backwards over the wall and still hangs onto the ball and that was fantastic stick so baseball gives us many dramatic moment that tickle me pink and remind me why this job is so much fun and there was another one of those moments now i don't know if i put it in the austin jackson category just because jackson went up and over the wall and came down upside down in still managed to hang onto the ball but the end of the marlins game now this wasn't this wasn't a hits that would have changed the outcome of the game but it was still a game ending catch by a phenomenal athlete and giancarlo stanton a swing here and a high ball for stamping down the rightfield line ended a corner stamp and leaping but leaping two run home run away from bryant good would a big failed to big g makes so many people happy it was really impressive catch again the only thing that may be kept it out of the same category as austin jackson is that big g didn't go up at over the wall come now the other side but he accelerated he to cover a ton of terry a territory far more ground and then that what austin jackson did at fenway park and he races over into the rightfield quarter and and leaps great ups and catches this ball taking away a home run as you here there are the marlins radio network in this happened to be a game under so while it wouldn't have changed the outcome more than likely the marlins were up all the nash all seven nothing at the time it still was a pretty dramatic way to end the game so that was awesome he's not just a homerun hitter you know so those types of things i think they're secrets to happiness a little bit of happiness little little blitz on your radar that will make you smile is the sports fan it's after hours with amy lord's here on cbs sports radio and the cbs sports app things that don't make me happy things.

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