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I thought they were really good. The organizer's here in which it all sought to make sure that the issue stayed the issue that people came out in support of Issue being the murder of George Floyd as well as law enforcement policy change. And when things could go south, they didn't I mean there were a lot of things that happened at the protest where people self police So we had our law enforcement standing off in the distance. And if someone kind of got out of hand or began to tryto antagonized protesters, organizer's always stepped in really quick and said, Hey, this is not our partners. We're here for one purpose. Let's keep moving, and that was it was beautiful to see me and other council members went out to several protests and rallies just to hear what Some of the demands were as we began to draft our response to it, so we receive those demands from everybody, and I think protesters and organizer's felt like they were heard. We saw that later in the media that once we responded, they said they felt like we had heard him. But that was our goal. Rather than put out statements. We wanted to get out there and listen. Show that they were her try to get some policies. Science. We've already changed a number of policies on we're still listening to them to see what we can continue to do better, but everything here I think went smoothly. Um, we had two incidents they got reported on. I think a window got broke out of one business on Dave. Since I think re opened and then the QuikTrip. Ah, I think I heard the door was unlocked. Some kid ran in there and then that stuff happened. But even then, organizer's came over like, Hey, we don't do this and that type of stuff went away and only happened those two times where there's violent incidents before they actually related to the protests are just protests. From what I heard. There were just some folks there that wanted Toa start some stuff and they weren't a part of the actual protest. And all of those things happened when the organizer's and the Purposeful protesters left. So it was whoever it came later, just just to be around some action. You're listening to issues 2020 on the intercom, radio stations and gases. Wichita City Council member Brandon Johnson is the Wichita Police Department doing what needs to be done to encourage proper treatment of all citizens. Is the training. Good enough. Do you think That's training, I think is decent. It needs toe be better. And chief Ramsey talked about that over the years as an activist. That was one of the things I continued to talk to the city about it. Chief Ramsey was higher. That was one of the key areas we wanted to talk about was crisis intervention, training, some form of mental health training, because now that's been kicked the law enforcement to and cultural competency to make sure that officers understood different cultures that they were Interacted with and what will be seen as respectful and not a game. Respect goes both ways, so we wanted to make sure that happens. We've been trying to get improved training with the police department over the years, and it's continually to get better, But I think we've still got a ways to go. We've been working with Chief Ramsey on that, and he continues to highlight more opportunities where officers can go get better trying. We and you hit on something there that I've talked to Ramsey about this and other people of the fact that there are some Some folks running around out there with some mental challenges and so forth through probably should be institutionalized, or at least better cared for when it comes to mental problem. They bring that to the police every day Sometimes. Yeah. Yeah, they do. And, you know, we really need help from all of our partners State Legislature over a number of years during some prior administrations cut funding the mental health. Tom care, We have believe, Ramsey said. 5000 less mental health beds in the state of Kansas since the nineties, And when you add all of that up to where we are now what law enforcement has to do with their normally the ones to get called out. So we've got to find a way for our legislature to support more funding for those types of services so we can take that away from law enforcement. Put it into the hands, contrarian professionals that can deal with those types of mental health issues. Another homeless issues give me your thoughts on the idea of defunding polices. There's something that's worthwhile in your estimation. So it depends. There's two definitions of that. I know a lot of people focus on the term defund the police. But there's one definition that basically says Stop, Stop militarizing your police. So any funds you were going to spend on tanks and military type here for your law enforcement shift that into social services. I actually agree with that. I don't think our police should be militarized. But that doesn't mean abolished them. There is AH think a group that wants to abolish some police that that's not the definition. I think the majority of folks in which you talk talking about Really the pushes for more funding in the social services and what they've used is the general front budget numbers of our police department versus like homelessness or other social services. Some of that is kind of misrepresented because we also have federal dollars that come in. So we do much more investment in the homelessness and social services and housing than what's then kind of spread out there, But we definitely could do more of that. But I don't think that's a takeaway from police to do it. It's a How did we prioritize is our budget in the way that emphasizes those areas of social Service is taking care of the least of these and making sure everybody has a hand up because when you do those things you reduce the need for law enforcement. As much So then that frees up law enforcement to be able to actually build relationships rather than go from call to call to call like they are now. So it it makes sense when you think about it and making sure you fund those services and empower the community in which it already has helping it if I'm wrong on this, but several teams that air especially designed I think they're like A police officer, a social worker and that they'd go out in certain circumstances to defuse situations like that. Correct? Yeah, yes, called one integrated care team and they do Ah, great job Now we need to put more funding into that. But that's also city and county. So we would need our county partners to help out with that, too. And I think they're supportive..

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