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Percent of new hires and design engineering and product management that's up from ten percent two years ago aubrey bland says language software is not a silver bullet the company has also made recruiting diverse candidates a priority it is all of those changes together that have helped us get their language is just one piece of the puzzle i'm tanya moseley kqed news all right let's turn now from getting a job to getting into school i'm not even talking about college i'm talking about kindergarten in a place like san francisco that can seem like a highstakes game in fact appearance call the system the places kids in the city's public schools a lottery as parents wait anxiously to see whether they're kid gut placed in their first choice school for kindergarten next fall we're going to talk to kqed's lisa pick off white about how that lottery is played lisa i'm almost afraid to ask how the lottery works but i think that's where we have to start it is a little complicated but will go threat so basically parents it starts a choice parents are able to put together a list of the schools that they want their children to goto and they submit that list to the school district the school district than takes all those less and runs them through a computer algorithm that essentially a a school to the student but it's not quite over yet this is where it's not completely random so then the algorithm also looks at a couple of different factors for instance do you this sibling that attends that school do you live in the neighborhood of that school or do you live in a kind of a neighborhood that has historically low test scores and that will influence where you're assigned in you in the bay curious team have done a deep dive on the odds of winning at this lottery what did you fight while the odds are in your favour we found that sixty one percent.

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