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This, this is going kind of obscure deep into the Star Wars lore. It's one of the old ice cream makers. If you wash believe his Empire Strikes Back when they're evacuating cloud city, you see a dude in orange jumpsuit run by carrying what looks like a ice cream maker. That guy actually has a name and he's actually really important to the Star Wars lore. His name is will row hood. Cons. They have people dressed up like we'll row hood running around with ice cream makers and they just run around the cons and a line yelling ice cream, kind of a funny little thing they do. But if you look back at his history will row hood, worked with the rebel alliance and on cloud city. They did a lot of dealings with the rebel, selling them the the gas that they mined from cloud city. When the empire was coming. All this information was on the computer core, and they did not want that the fall into the empires hands because then they could just go through and decimate the revelations as they would know who all was in the rebel lions who was working with them who was sympathizers. So the story is will rogue grab that computer core, which is actually the ice cream maker. And that's what you, you're seeing him run down the hallway to dump it down a garbage chute to get rid of it so with and then later on, they. They, you know, he stayed on cloud city, the empire captured him. They tortured him for information for years and he did not give any information up. So you know, though, even though they make fun of him in the cons, run around screaming, ice cream, one of the more important guys. He kept the rebel alliance of float by getting rid of the information and keeping up empires hands. So looking up, we'll row hood, get that he needs an action. Figure give will row hood and action figure Hasbro. Okay. Still in Star Wars, Lucasfilm technology studio. The AM x. lab you saw earlier, they released a Darth Vader virtual reality simulator called Vader immortal. They have come out with another one. They went, you know, as far as they could on the other end, the spectrum from Darth Vader, this new one is. Is going to be Star Wars project Porgy if you're not familiar with porridge there, the little weird looking creatures that were in the new Star Wars movies, tobacco, almost eight one very annoying little creatures that they've made. Now you're good to see him. Virtual reality is going to be kind of like the old Tamagotchis or whatever you had to raise your little Tamagotchi will. This is like the new version of that is the virtual reality. You're going to do raise your own Porguese. Yeah, I for some reason, I is probably going to be very popular, although I just really, I really hope not because I can't see Porguese too much. Okay. Let's in this on a Star Wars. Also. If you're into aromatherapy, you know what the, you know, the scented candles and everything to bring out the different moods. And you're also nerd like me, you are in luck. They have Star Wars official candle sets scented. And I'm, here's the graphic for that. Let me let me just read some of these off to banner milk Wookey because who doesn't want their house to smell like a Wookey. At least it's not wet Wookey. Trash from the trash compactor, x wing cockpit the Cantina Tonton millennium falcon yoda's cooking pot, solo and carbonate lightsaber duel rancor Sar like pit job as palace, death, star destroyer destroyer, and e walk. I'm just wondering, does e walks smell, kind of like Wookey. You would think so. I don't know. But if like I said, if you're into their Roma therapy and your nerd and you like Star Wars, you can have your house smell like the inside of an x wing cockpit as always thank you guys for watching. Please subscribe to this YouTube channel. Mash that Bill icon to be notified. Whenever I upload a new video, if you're one of my auditory, only friends on podcast, subscribe to me on your favorite podcast platform. I will see you guys next week with some more news later nerds. Is. What Jonah class and you play. In all of each.

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