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You get killed by being right carry around that person side if you tell you can find a way to pursue it and for me for I think that was through using my voice winds dean road to fox news in an email that he looks forward to being fully exonerated the Dallas Cowboys have a new head coach multiple reports and the NFL team hiring Mike McCarthy who once led the Green Bay Packers two Superbowl title the cowboys fire Jason Garrett after missing the playoffs Erica's listening to fox news on the central credit union home loans traffic center the slow driving north on a two seventy five from Kennedy in the west shore and the epiphany celebration has a lot of road in lane closures in tarpon springs especially and that was Avenue in tarpon Avenue this report is sponsored by first citrus bank at for citrus bank local business is at the heart of everything they do that's why they put ninety eight cents out of every deposit dollar back into the community helping businesses grow and thrive learn more at fault for not for citrus dot com for citrus bank is an equal housing lender and member FDIC days yes use radio to be a fallacy traffic problems call the injury firm of Abraham sending you to where traffic tip line Hillsborough eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five what cool start to the week today lots of sunshine this afternoon with those temperatures just a touch below are averages for this time of the year the upper sixties close to seventy clear skies expected tonight chilly but not quite as cold as last night we'll see low temperatures drop back into the upper forties lower milder on Tuesday more sunshine expected those high temperatures back in the low seventies boating forecast today in north northeast wind at ten not sees two to three feet with a light chop on the bay I'm newschannel eight meteorologists Ian Oliver your shot at one thousand dollars now tags the nationwide two hundred two hundred you'll get a confirmation text and info this nationwide contest two hundred two hundred he treatment we're talking about something even more serious how this president has endangered people's lives and how this workless president is just stirring.

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