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On edgar right fan in general i really love his mastery of visual comedy invidual action and he definitely is at his peak in baby driver with that it's just it's so fond watching it also driven by as it were knows like the sound track and how it's organically um brought into the film through uh baby's uh sort of a disability and um yeah it's some of the like all the characters are just so interesting and fun especially john him was a huge fanned out um i didn't expect him to be quite so terrifying and i think he really he released sold that role and a i'm actually kind of on the fence will an insult amsoil elgort i'm not sure whether i like him or not but he was really chiming in this um lower level in those those looked at which he was haunted will achieve a quite a few critics criticized baby driver for the protrero of female characters um sihleli james definitely gets the shorts and of the stack um i think this is actually a problem that reoccurs in a lot of edgar right films he tends to really use his uh and of white male protagonist outsider characters as the focus and shy and doesn't really give much else to any of the female supporting characters or really any he doesn't really have much diversity is in his movie as well but if baby driver shows a little bit more diversity but um i've noticed that he doesn't tend to write much for female characters um i think like the best written female character he had was a rosen and pikes character in world end.

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