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Answer a cop out answer I guess you were you did rank them in the t you, you ain't themselves. I actually do think they have I. Think all three of those teams we just talked about other than chiefs have a path to the playoffs like none of them are hopeless and all of you. I actually have a chance to be good. I think the broncos have. Had a nice path I just I just think they're makeup. They have less. That can go wrong. other than the quarterback, so I guess that is a huge thing, so. You could argue the same charges, but yet if the Broncos had like a short thing at quarterback, I think they would be an undeniable the it's just a question mark. We're not before you get angry. Was Fans were saying through luxury question work you know. And I think if you. If you don't think is a question mark at this point. You're lying to yourself so. Question Three I've been asking everyone this. What's a quarantine content recommendation? As, you know huge board Game Fan. Then? Yes. Movies and bargains all we've been doing actually. The one that we've been playing lately is called Concordia is not be the one I recommend to for people. Start out with if they do on a board game zule Acu L.. Great Game plays really well two people, three people or four people. You can get target probably less than thirty bucks, but yeah, we recommend acting. A zoll. Have you ever seen numb? I feel like everyone's seen this. Just wash it palm springs that Hulu. Subaru entertaining. It's like groundhog day kind of modernized, so you love Sandy. Love it then. I love a long runway. It's really good I highly recommend. What's it called gum? Palm Springs, entrepreneurial, it's on who a lot of you'll wash we. We watched Eurovision last last week oh man. I was yeah, that was. Rewarding. Thing. You know what I keep saying I do move quotes. In fact, I really dislike that quality and people who do. Because all the time. We'll Farrell. I. I can't Farrell. I already know what you're about Seibu. Concur with you with Welfare quotes okay, but go on. Okay, but I keep saying. Plenty from Eurovision, because. That seem within the police office and they keep saying that CA I. Keep saying it Delaney in that welfare voice. One, because he's decided. Was the after the wreck of a performance. They have it everyone after the hamster wheel goes off and they just they. They continue. Sorry spoiled. A Will Ferrell comedy for everybody. So once they start doing. Hand motions when they're dancing and they're double trouble double double trouble in. They're doing like the choreographed dance with it. It just kills me like I just thought that was the funniest part of the whole movie, and then the Elf which is catchy as heck. Okay question, four. Sorry. I had trouble picking the third best team in the AFC. Who Do you think it is? So very obvious top two. But, then it's really difficult. I'm racking my brain. I panicked. I think I told you this I panicked and pick the colts on. Get up. There I think it has. And now I have to stand by that take. Because, you did say that to me because I was in my brain is colts was the first name that came to my mind, but I'm just still trying to think there's a better answer for me. I mean it depends on Big Ben. Healers are really in the mix, obviously A. Defense that's going to keep them in it. Yeah, I mean bills bills. Bills Bills Colts would actually probably be my. Have a really easy opening schedule and I think we're GONNA. Be Really High undersupply on. All right. Last question is always comes from Lenny. UK. laughing. Right the question. He's seen some videos of your cat. Mid. Engine. He just wants to know if you've considered killing midge stuffing her. Moral question, eighty nine Hawaii would ask that. Wow One. I know midges. A looker personalities are best part so. We like our live money. She looks like that You know that. Like meam of like a Persian cat. Probably. That's going. What like sitting on the the Catholic Aristocrats? Yes that's to..

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