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Sympathize with people don't want her there. Choosing to carry case. I don't care. It doesn't matter. Frontier was very specific. We do not allow rodents on a plane. She said are you getting off the plane if you don't then we have to Debord everybody. So she was given a choice. Yeah. We are going to ask you to get up and get your squirrel off the plane or we're going to Debord because when everybody's off the plane, we're sending in attack dog swat teams and other nefarious people, and they're all wearing United shirts to get to get you off. Okay. Debord them. How you Jared the ovaries on this woman? Oh, gosh. But I'm taking my squirrel with me. You can take your skirl with you. But you know, what if I'm sitting anywhere near that woman. And she says, no, I'm not getting off you should everybody on the plane needs to get off. I may take a shoot of that, squirrel. And just take care of it myself. Now, here's what you do. Okay. Here's what you okay. It doesn't matter. Whether it's your bag or someone else's back. We'll talk about her like she's a human being. I'm talking about in the overhead. Sorry about that. Okay. I'm talking about the bag in the overhead bin right above or near her. Yes. Take it out and just drop it we can't. But I have to get off because you won't take your squirrel off the plane lady. Oh, I'm sorry to get you show fit in the palm of my hand. Deitz does not matter on a plane can cover up with my other hand, she gives you kisses. No, that's rabies. That's probably rabies. That's really thinking through. You're not taking a squirrel. Sorry. It's not about the squirrel lady. It's about you getting off the plane with a squirrel and you refuse to deplane. So that's when they had to take everybody off. And what's really funny? We can't really well, we can describe it. There is video of this woman finally being removed wheelchair with her squirrel in her lap. And she's flipping everybody off and then gives the thumbs up. I would adjust. I again, I would've taken my bag and turned around sharply. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you. There did my did my bag hits you in the face started. My bag your bag. I was just talking about whacking the squirrel nut. The woman was gonna hit the woman. Oh, jeez. Make it look like an accident. Let's see Cindy, the owner of the emotional squirrel sound emotional support. I plight. Louis informed them. I will own up big portion. Of this airline. No, you're not I'm going for blood. I am going. That's what this girl said. Yeah. I am contacting an attorney and take it from there. How much can you get out of a squirrel? Good luck. Yeah. Really, good luck. No, no attorney's gonna take your case. Well, I shouldn't say true. I shouldn't say that. My goodness. Yeah. Stormy daniels. My goodness. What you're gonna own the airline you. You may get like thousand bucks. Okay. Maybe maybe like two thousand bucks for a motion or whatever you're not going to own the airline. They have in their rules. They did not allow rodents on planes world, you refuse to get up. She's not. And they took you out. They didn't drag you they make you sound like stuck pigs. It what I did there nor did they kill your squirrel in the overhead. Yes. I want to know how she got through security. That's an I don't know how she got through the survey. Well, let's listen to Cindy who had an emotional, squirrel. Cindy, went through with no problem say something support swirl, whatever Cindy went through security with no problem. That's amazing. That's amazing. He said you can hold her. So she doesn't have to go through x-rays. No J. Are you kidding? Complicit what if there was a bomb inside that squirrel? Well, it's not gonna do much. San TSA told us in an E mail. The squirrel was screened the same way. Someone's cat would be screened. Cat doesn't sound fun doesn't that container was sent through the X Ray machine. And the passenger carried the squirrel through the walk through metal detector. My goodness. Thank goodness. It didn't have like fate near something squirrel, squirrel. They would have wanted wanted. I'm going for blood. I am going all the way. I am contacting an attorney and take it from there lady. You're wrong lady. You were wrong lady car buyer collar buyer. I oh, Cindy, yeah. Daisy. Your raw daisy is the eleven week old squirrel owners wrong. Don't be Smerch. The daisy daisy doesn't have anything bad to do. Daisy. Would just brought up easy should've known. Like, hey, I don't think buying me. Tickets. A good idea should have stepped up road. Ning? They're not going to allow a rodent. Hey, I'm reading the fine print their Cindy, it says no rodents on the plane. It's just gotten out of control. She's got totally out of hand. And they're trying to control it. The airlines have made rules now that basically all you can bring on is a dog a trained animal, but my goodness. A an emotional support animal, by the way is not protected under ADA service animals are not emotional support, squirrel. Cindy said she had a letter from her doctor and a letter from the Americans with disabilities. Act report bringing daisy an eleven week old squirrel on board who trained a squirrel over eleven weeks.

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