Tom Tom Arnold, Mark Burnett, President Trump discussed on Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson


Here's a name. You haven't heard in a while Tom Arnold, remember him. What is he doing? Now. Nothing. He's he he was an actor. He was married to Roseanne Barr will now he's an activist because when you're an actor. I guess you turn into activists part of being ready to transition in belonging to a Hollywood chip, by the way, Tom Arnold and Roseanne. What kind of chaos must have been in that household? Hey, there's a live for every pot. Right. I guess so. Well, he actually is working again he has a new TV TV series called the hunt for the Trump tapes. No way. He is insists that there is a tape out there. Of Donald Trump using the N word on the apprentice. And he's claims that once he finds this tape that President Trump is going to be forced to resign. And Tom Arnold was talking to Daily Mail TV about this. And he apparently got into a fight physical fight with Mark Burnett at an EMMY party in Los Angeles on Sunday night because Mark Burnett owns the apprentice, Mark Burnett was the was the producer of the apprentice. And he's very good friends with the president and Arnold claims that Mark Burnett choked him out at this party. And Arnold has been chasing Burnett for months for this TV show to try to get the tapes. Now, several witnesses said that. Yeah. The two of them were going at it. But. But nobody knows who started the physical altercation. So I'm just going to let Tom Tom Arnold just rant about it. Because Tom Arnold is now full out blown out crazy town here. He goes. Oh,.

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