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One eight hundred lifelock or lifelock dot com, and you can get ten percent off sponsored by Lindholm roofing dot com. Here is Dave. Good morning everyone. It's forty five degrees. A little bit of light rain in Chicago this morning, maybe on our way to fifty two today. A search is resuming this morning for the last missing from the massive explosion at the ABC. Specialty silicones factory in Keegan multiple news outlets. Reporting free southeast. Wisconsin men were killed in the blast Friday night. They've been identified Jeff Cummings Byron being an Ellen Stevens say the cause of the explosion remains under investigation. But an initial review is determined. That it was accidents. Chicago police are searching for the person who shot red line station yesterday say the incident happened while the victims were standing on the train platform at Argyll. One victim was hospitalized at critical condition. The other refused medical treatment for graze wound shooting suspended service to the Argyll stop for several hours while police investigated, hundreds of former federal prosecutors are going on the record and say, they believe President Trump would have been charged with obstruction of Justice. Had he not been president the Washington Post reporting on a bipartisan statement for more than three hundred seventy former prosecutors, both Republican and democrat statement statements rebuts attorney general Bill bars comments that there was not sufficient evidence to establish the Trump committed a crime report from special counsel. Robert Muller noted a longstanding Justice department policy that a sitting president could not be indicted, by the way, we haven't updated numbers, Steve that's five hundred sixty six former prosecutors as. Last hour five hundred sixty six and again, both Republican and democrat those are the headlines dental Eugene sports thought the cubs. You thought the cubs. Their eighth straight win wrapped up a leading the Marlins for three guard of the ninth. Not quite Pedro Strope walked three batters in the Marlins scored three times grab a six four lead and beat the cubs. Six to five ending that seven game winning streak. Cubs had plenty of chances. But earlier blue three nothing lead hit into four double plays on the night. The White Sox cruise past the Indians nine one to snap. Their three game losing streak. I win for Evonne Nova socks with the Homer at four Rb Osborne. Tim Anderson drove in a pair off Trevor Bauer who tweeted earlier at Anderson all in on the bat flips man, but if you could skip a day today that would be great Homer Anderson got him. Anyway, roster moves by the White Sox outfielder, Charlie Tilson recall the cuddly hits last night reliever. Ryan burrow back off the injured list. Cubs called up at Carl Edwards junior who had a scoreless inning of relief last night NBA play-offs, Milwaukee one went away from the east. Eastern Conference finals after beating Boston one thirteen one honest with thirty nine Houston got thirty eight from James harden beat Golden State won twelve one away that series now tied at two and Boston and Colorado. Both winters in the Stanley Cup playoffs. David WGN sports, getting rid of old furniture is a hassle you could sell it. But that could be kinda scary depending on who comes to the door or you can give it to a friend, and somehow that always backfires on you here is the best option. Walter e Smith's trade in-cell trading sale. Ends may fourteenth. Details. Available at Smith dot com. That's S H E dot com. They're gonna give you up.

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