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A combined on us on nasa to make sure this they're exploring safely dr michael meier former planetary protection officer there are now leading masses mars mission thanks her telling us of how this really interesting job while thank you so much the latest theory kraft brewing company to be sold to a major beer company near member earlier this year log need us at a petaluma sold the heineken i'm heading into speak with anchor ceo keith gregor hanke bruin itself was registered in 1890s six and we'd be making via continuously in the bay area ever since while maiming of there is san francisco apart from little period cooled the prohibition where we would see show what was going on so clearly a huge a key a huge history in in san francisco in california was it a difficult decision for you to make to sell disapora no it wasn't a difficult decision because we've always believed in the anc legacy and what it stood for and out commitments of fritz maytag when we took over the brewery was to continue that legacy that they will this change today and what we see it needs for the next decades be prosperous is great resources devoted to anka but from a group of people who have similar values about the house ago battled freezing history and legacy and all the fellow great stories of anka has been some something that they can relate to because it's so close they history and their values we're notion of pablo we've got common values in california there's more than six hundred craft breweries in people have a lot passion for their local breweries is do you think it's the goal for most if not all all craft breweries or michael perry's to go as because they can't go global no i don't think it says i think that's the aim for everybody i think some people decide to these mls they small there's some that suck getting big and then they're on a runaway train that they can't control then and then as others who do have a wide variety of rations of them will the product change will the taste the pierre change it'll nope not that still people keep asking me that no i mean we with the recipes don't change i mean that's the whole point s welt says sapporo wants.

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