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Hi how low how're you doing good bye litter a somber topic we were reminded that the plutonium for that bomb at nagasaki fat boy was made at the hanford reactor outside richman washington a new national park is being planned in washington state to commemorate the work of americans who it's thought mieno brought the war to an end building those bombs others of course a pointed out that the soviets where invading japan at the same time that might have had as much affect as the bonds but the park is called the men hat project national historic park congress approved it in 2014 tell us about the push to include the japanese perspective will the park is being created in three different locations hanford los alamos and oak ridge tennessee los alamos new mexico these were all hubs of the effort to develop the atomic bomb tom and as the park was being talked about in proposed and then it through congress approved the japanese were very concerned that there would be a national park created a bog bombs that destroyed two of their cities and at that point park service officials reach out to them and said this isn't going to be a parked just about the creation of the bomb that somehow celebrates or glorifies the bomb without looking at some of the consequences of what happened when the bombs were dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki oil and you reminded us i mean if there was with good reason to me many historians agree that the bombs that you can two hundred thousand in japan also may have saved many more japanese american lives by ending the war but you know this darker side of the effects of the bonds we don't often hear about so what might be included well i went to nagasaki in may to get a sense of their museum uh there our which looks at really what happened underneath the mushroom cloud who's actually really struck how the story that you now find it hanford where the park is operated in cooperation with the department of energy sort of ends with the successful explosion of the bomb they're museum begins with the cloud as you enter their showing a loop of it endlessly some film that was taken of it and i met with survivors and there are thousands of them.

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