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Extra points a week and if they get your russia any better yeah i kinda murray last share and it was funny he would have a shit game but would still end up with like twenty plus points because he rushed for sixty eight yards or whatever so it was always like his game was in game whereas like my new lord and savior mack jones. Yeah he's he's not going to be getting those rushing yards but what he will get. You wins touchdowns super bowls but this is let's talk. Let's just get it over because he's going to say i just do it for me was with a friend and i sat there and i said i am doing simmons pod today and they're like how how soon before matt jones gets brought up and i said i'm putting the line five minutes. Oh i'm over six minutes. Forty seconds overhead Yeah let's talk about it. So here's i think it's the right to the patriot. Nfl wise. i think it's the right patriots. Yes i want. I really wanted you go looking at is set free draft. I wanted him to fall. Seventeen where washington was speaking prior to them grabbing fitz. Patrick i really liked him. a lot. So i think there's a really good move for the patriots. Nfl wise. I think it makes a lotta sense. It helps his dynasty value. Because he's gonna start from week one. Yes bowel check. And i coaching staff. Because an office of cam new is just a very different looking offense than match ups like the. They're completely two different kind style players. And so the packages you're inserting in for cam or different than what we do with math. And so you can just sorta go i. You know we're we're gonna run the brady off. It's basically right there there. There are somewhat similar players. At least you know. No one's brady but you know what i mean In terms of style of play is more pure dropback passer In terms of his fantasy value this year redraft though to your point. It doesn't run and some important to get a quarterback that does ron. So i think he's a low end to be to like he's in that you know twenty to twenty five range among quarterbacks for me ask can i throw this at you playoffs. Yeah somehow they they have a bye week fourteen. But now the the the playoff situation we seventeen is now the the finals at colts. We fifteen jim for the bills week. Sixteen little shootout. He maybe little by thirty eight to thirty five and then week seventeen home for the jaguars and pretty good schedule. I i gotta have on your team. Maybe sure i could certainly see mattress being picked up. And if he's had success being used against the jaguars you know. I think part of the problem though with shootout idea and then the patriots defense be really good this year. Yeah you're the patriots defense. We really good this year so it's hard meaningless so's the bills often so could easily get there but the bills are gonna be super super pass. Savvy i dunno. I thought what did i thought by making maximum starter. Here's my immediate ratchets. First off of it certainly improves the passing game. As a whole i have. Johnny smith is a top twelve fantasy tied in. I prefer him to hunter. Henry and of hunter and retail and hundred henry were to miss some time remember hundred. He's never played all sixteen games in his. Nfl career is miss time every single year. He's been in the nfl. I'm aware of that. When they gave him a lot of money. That part time. It was kind of a bummer. He's good with his though. But but you know the covered was bare so they needed to get somebody so the weeks in which hunter henry is out at. That happens you jonathan. It's going to be a top five top six fantasy tight end like he's super talented And so i like him a lot. I think if i have to pick a new england wide receiver. I'll take jacoby myers. I haven't right justin side. My top that had wide receivers. The problem jacoby myers like i think he's a nice player last year. He had it in every game in which he had. I think it was six games in the six games in which he had seven or more targets average. Seventeen point two fantasy points per game. If you are really to numbers we notice he had was the most sag shoulders after passes that either were down to him or sailed over said so we led the league in that to a lot of this a lot of lot of lot of size sad this jobs off after third down and so yeah led the league in a lot of those categories but the The challenge there is that week seven on mars at a thirty percent. target sure introduced a massive volume. Just because they didn't have anyone else. But i think adding you know. Guys like aga- kendrick born and a tight ends and i just see him getting back. China target share. So yes the next player In certainly value having a match jones under center but not something that i'm targeting is more of a late round guy i think. Bigger here is damian harris. Oh my guy. I already have him for. Eighty two one win the rushing title. Let a terrible flyer right not a terrible slide off so consider this last year the patriots number. One in the nfl in rush. I'm sorry they remember one of the. Nfl renzo rush percentage number two in the nfl in rush percentage. Now that can do. The quarterback had noticed roach and so that skews all that all.

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