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In Seattle News radio 1000 FM 97 7, stay connected, stay informed. Good evening, it's 7 O 6, I'm Kelly blier and here's what's happening. Controversial bill at the state capitol would extend protections to all workers by making COVID-19 and occupational disease. Northwest news radios John lobert tini explains. In 2021, the health emergency labor standards act provided protections for frontline workers. But House Bill 1785 would extend that to all workers, representative Liz berry. Introduce this bill because of ongoing concerns around how workers who are contracting COVID at work are accessing benefits. There are new COVID cases daily and more people are suffering from long COVID. Bob battles, Washington association of business. Occupational disease requires that there is a distinctive connection to your workplace, which is why certain things are not considered. 1785 would allow claims dating back to the beginning of the pandemic. But small business owners like Christina Callahan are worried. The goal of this bill appears to be direct proactively compensate employees claiming to have missed work from occupational exposure to COVID and it puts the burden of proof on the employer. If COVID-19 is declared an occupational disease, the law would go into effect immediately. John lobert, northwest news radio. A third jury will decide the fate of darkest Allen. He is the man accused of being the getaway driver for Maurice Clemens after Clemens shot and killed four Lakewood police officers at a coffee shop in 2009. Previous trials ended in a conviction that was overturned on appeal in a hung jury. The new tribune reports a jury in the sir trial began their deliberations yesterday. And was on will require corporate employees to return to the office at least three days a week in a staff memo today, CEO Andy jassy says the new policy will take effect on May 1st. He knows the decision was made after observing what worked during the pandemic. The company's senior leadership came away with the conclusion that employees tended to be more engaged in person and collaborate more easily. Former Boeing CEO Dennis muilenburg's latest business venture has failed. After being fired from the aerospace giant for his mishandling of the 737 max crisis, mullenburg created new vista acquisition corp, an investment firm that planned to buy emerging tech companies. According to the Seattle times, he even headquartered it in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes. But the company struggled from the beginning and was given a two year deadline to get its house in order and start making investments. Now in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company says it will liquidate and dissolve. Mullenburg and his two partners stand to lose roughly $13 million. Jeff pojo and northwest news radio. Microsoft's new Bing has been live in small numbers for a couple of weeks now, but New York Times tech columnist Kevin ruse had a bizarre exchange with a bot named Sydney. It told me that it had dangerous and dark fantasies. Silicon Valley tech expert rob and Lee says this kind of artificial intelligence is like a young child. You get what you give. Please AI constructs are learning through their interaction with people. People going in and attempting to actively corrupt that data is a resulting in as you point out some unusual responses. In a statement, Microsoft tells ABC News the feedback on the AI powered answers has been overwhelmingly positive and it goes on to read we also receive good feedback on where to improve and refine the experience. Residents of a small town gave Oscar winning actor Robert Duvall a standing ovation as he spoke out against a proposed Amazon data center. Northwest news radios corps when Hague reports. Duvall, who just turned 92, spoke at a town hall meeting in warrenton, Virginia, to oppose Amazon's plans to build a 220,000 ft² data center there. The remarkable outpouring opposition to this proposal indicates that the vast majority of town and county residents agree that this is a bad use of this site. Speaking of outpourings, hundreds who packed the high school

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