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17 WR dot i heart dot com We have a lot to talk about, and I want to Thank God for all of our listeners, not just here in New York City, but around the world and you guys were absolutely blown away by a last week's broadcast when we were teaching you concerning what is happening within the deep state and concerning the history of wars and diseases. And I want to just kind of pick it back on to re talk about what I talked about last week concerning the liquidation off the global deep state again the liquidation of the global Deep state. No. One of the greatest mathematicians in history. A man by the name of Dr Johannes Kepler, who had designed the Kepler Conjecture theory. He said, And I quote going back to the 17th century that there is a global pattern of history. That has been automatically dispatch Teran. Through the body politick. Allow me to say that again because that's a very pound for paradigm as we're kind of relaying this foundation to you, our students tonight here in New York City concerning the liquidation of the global Deep state. Dr Johannes Kepler, the 17th century German mathematician said. Through his kept Kepler conjecture. Fear, um That there is a global pattern of history. That is automatically become a global dis pattern of corruption through the body politick. No. You know this past weekend we have heard that the Supreme Court of the United States of America and mind you there are six conservative. Supreme Court justices, Okay? But they turned down. Um President Trump's motion by way of through the state of Texas this past Friday through a reported 7 to 2 ruling. Which is so hard to comprehend New Yorkers because six off the nine Supreme Court justices are conservative. Three of which were chosen, You know, for the past two years by President Donald J. Trump, Okay, and so through a 7 to 2 ruling. They had shut down. The state of Texas motion this past Friday, two found a complaint. Against four other states, in essence, seeking to disenfranchise over 20 million voters until overturn the 2020 presidential election. So the high court's decision is being reported as a 72 ruling, which is mind blowing because, like I said a minute ago, New Yorkers, six of the nine Supreme Court justices, three of which off the six were chosen by President Trump for the past two years. OK s O in this 7 to 2 ruling. It tells you a nice something is wrong with the system. With all of the evidence at hand, okay. Audio and video, video and audio evidence throughout the country where You've had hundreds and thousands of dead people miraculously being resurrected the vote. I don't understand, especially at the high court. Where six of the nine Supreme Court justices are supposed to be on Christian Republic Conservatives, okay? So it doesn't make any sense. It tells me one of two things number one. That the Supreme Court justices will either paid off. Number two. They themselves with written This does not make any sense whatsoever. Okay? And so this is the reason why that the deep state must be liquidated, Not my interpretation of what President Trump should do. 1 to 2 Things number one. Invoked both the 12th in the 14th amendment there by declaring martial law throughout the United States. Okay, canceling this election. By four scene. Okay, a brand new all tit. In other words, every ballot should be audit it regardless of how long it should take. So President Trump has The constitutional back into invoke Boat, the 12th in the 14th amendment. To shut down this election. And to send the military throughout the United States with a soft martial law. In order to redo the entire election and in number two If I'm President Trump I would also sign an executive order. Declassifying. Over 300 million Pieces of classified document. Yes, I said over 300 million Of who was involved with the assassinations of John F. Kennedy. Malcolm X. Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Robert F. Kennedy. Because these two things must happen. You're not like I've been saying for the past few weeks. Or under the greatest attack, not just in the annals of American political history. But throughout the global body politick that she's your host and moderator tonight, Bishop later Gators Global Spiritual Revolution Radio. So women Supreme Court Court justice near gorse IQ. Okay? Amy Conan Barrett. And break cabin. All were chosen by President Trump for the past. What, two years? And they are killing you and I Today didn't even want to look at the evidence. Something is wrong. New Yorkers with this picture. You got a woman in the Augusta, Georgia. By the name of Ruby Freeman, along with her daughter. Clearly shows on a video. That she had helped rigged this election in the state of Georgia, where her and her daughter were passing forth this flash drive and they gave it to a young man. And it was on video and she said on video, Ruby Freeman. She's going to get paid for rigging this election because she did not want President Trump to win re election and that she would be. Freeman was so upset with black people because they were backing. Donald J. Trump presidency. This is your host and moderator made tonight. Bishop Larry Gators. To the W R 17 and network. Listen again. I'm upset with the righteous indignation. Did you read about the other day?.

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