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Have arrested 18 -year -old Lavelle Harris and a 17 -year -old boy for the murder of 18 -year -old Kendall Batson. Batson died after suffering from gunshot wounds near North Forestville Elementary School Ritchie on Highway. The initial investigation revealed that Batson was shot during a carjacking and that the teenagers did not know each other. Harris is facing first and second -degree murder as well as armed carjacking charges. The 17 year -old also facing charges near both being held without bond. He evolved from the son of Bob Marley a to Grammy winner on his own right. Ziggy Marley performs live at Wolf Trap on this and today Sunday at Wolf Trap in Virginia. We do music with a purpose. We're singing about freedom. We sing about rights. We sing about justice. We sing about revolution. We sing about nature. We sing about environment. We sing about love. Love is my religion. Ziggy Marley famously grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, but you might Might not know he spent a little time in the Delmarva region in Wilmington, Delaware. At that time, we lived there with our grandmother, my father's mother. Yeah, it was the first time I saw snow. First time I knew what Christmas was. So being a in Delaware, very life it was -changing experience for a young kid like me. Hear our full chat on my podcast, Beyond the Fame, Jason Fraley, to be to be Well, tomorrow is Father's Day. Do you need a last -minute gift? Dads are pretty easy, says Lauren Savoy. The three main categories that we found dads love are consumable gifts like beverage or coffee, experience gifts like night out at a restaurant or a tea time at a favorite golf course, and then, of course, gift cards. Dads love gift cards. But no matter what you get Pops, she says you should always include a thoughtful note. That's really the best gift that you can give your dad. A handwritten note that explains their impact on your life. Stacey Sports at 25 and 55. Powered by Maximus. Moving technology forward. You have to take down Ben Raby. Alright Kyle, the college world series doesn't get the same as attention March Madness or the college football playoff, but the NCAA's year -end tournament for baseball, it's terrific been over the past few weeks. The season culminating in Omaha, Nebraska this week, said of the annual college world series and drama last night in Omaha as Virginia blew a two -run ninth inning lead, ultimately fell to the Florida Gators 6 -5 the final with the loss UVA now facing elimination as they face TCU this afternoon. It's winner go home for the Cavaliers first pitch just past two. Meanwhile, despite getting to the reigning NL Cy Young Award winner Sandy Alcantara for five runs, Nationals were unable to close the deal. They dropped their series opener to the Marlins 6 -5 the final. Thomas his team leading 10th homer in the Nationals defeat golf Ricky Fowler a one -stroke lead at the Open US Rockville's Denny McCarthy is tied for 12th round three coming up later today from Los Angeles Ben Raby WTOP sports are coming up on WTOP there is a new effort to stop the planned toll lanes on the beltway in Maryland and more severe weather threats for parts of the country today 956 when people have a craving explore to new and traditional Asian cuisines they head to PF Chang's where scratch made dishes come from the 2 ,000 year old tradition of wok cooking PF Chang's wanted to explore new possibilities for their website they turn to American Eagle AmericanEagle .com re -architected PF Chang's website integrating multiple third -party systems to create a unified digital experience the results improve page speed and performance personalized content based on users location intuitive online ordering an increase in organic search visibility and a 40 % increase users in new for scratch made Asian cuisine visit your local PF Chang's or go to PF Chang's .com for website design development digital marketing and hosting that produce efficiency revenue and results visit American Eagle .com PF Chang's and AmericanEagle .com another example of the best businesses in the world turning to the best business in the for websites go to AmericanEagle .com or call 877 -WEB -NOW -1 that's American Eagle .com or call 877 -WEB get -NOW rid of your timeshare call now and get this timeshare cancellation guide absolutely free call 800 -838 6161 that's 800 -838 -6161 800 -838 -6161 this is WTOP News WTOP -FM Washington WWW -TFM Manassas

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