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The radiological society of North America and the American college of radiology iheartradio goes one on one with the imagine dragons about how the idea for the demons video, it was just an organic idea within the band, really, you know, the songs about human nature to just judge people very quickly. And then you find out that there's a lot more to that person. If you would have known you would've thought differently. So we wanted to show that and show that everybody is that way, we have incorporated the story of this more to these people who are all kind of doing the same thing at a concert together. Then what you would see a face value. Keep listening to iheartradio for more. Imagine. Dragons in all of your favorite artists. All right. Mr. on's, we're going to have a big time state of the on party tomorrow night at Mr. on's, AVI there from five until seven hope he can join me going to be a good time. Because Nancy can't tell us what we do when we do it. How we do it. She's not gonna let the Don give the state of the union. It's okay. We'll have a state of the union watching party again next month. It's all right. We'll do that. So we're going to have our own state of the art party. 'cause we haven't seen each other since December. So come to Mr. Ron's, a great Japanese steakhouse. It is at oracle and oracle and Roussel. I'll be there from five to seven is just to get there earlier. Okay. I suggest you get there earlier. You can get a great spot of the bar on the patio. Whatever it might be beautiful weather. It's going to be a great time. Two dollar beers from five to six tomorrow night. Great specials on wine appetizer small plates. All and Mr. odds and don't forget about the way you want to talk about a great time to go out and have a date night, a celebration kids love and couples love, it wives. Husband's love, the food is delicious in on a tip on table Goto. Mr. on see the menu, see the menu. It's a Mr. on Tucson dot com. We'll see tomorrow night from five until seven the morning ritual with Jared Lewis is brought to.

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