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I'm taking. I do. You. Guys you guys need me more. Better. Computers to hack into the subway of. Put more. Put more sugar. We'll make. What do you have? Derek So. What I have found. Pretty. Cool. But also very scary since we're on black MIRATEC AMAZON has a flying indoor security drone. That they are getting ready to sell and that just screams. For. ME. Minority report a I love Ron. Wyden because we're living in now. What is developing the future crimes? Is One of my favorite movies and it's so crazy that I remember. Seeing that. Science fiction and crazy but it's we're moving very very close to a life said, this is an indoor securities. On Indoor security owns. The ring. Ring security drone that will fly around your house for security purposes while you're not home and it will keep an eye on the entire property and then they'll. Then fly around and stuff that that seems You know a little bit of overkill, but it also seems not very fun like you remember a couple of years ago I remember this I think we I think years ago I am almost certain that years ago when we were at the office that was in the old bank building I, think we bought one. Of these and it was one of those balloons that are shaped like a shark right? It has a helium and it has a little motor where you can do the tail and you can control it. You know and it looks like a shark swimming through your house. It'd be way more fun if you just put a couple of those that voice out sharks. They're hilarious and it's not like. It's not as terrifying having to draw like if I'm a burglar right and I'm at the house peeping in and a big blimps shark comes fly Goten by I'm I'm getting a good laugh and be like, okay I'm Outta here messy. Yeah. That seems like categories like home alone level right there like happy more afraid to break into the House that I feel like a child has booby trapped drone sharks are blimp sharks that I would with some Weirdo with a with an indoor Amazon trout. There is there's a kid weight behind that doggy door with a BB gun. Face with an iron hiding in the seal it. My only thing is like people already. Are Skeptical of of cameras getting hacks, people a Lotta. Times. They'll put like electrical over there their. Camera on their laptop and things like that. If somebody hacked into your ring and count yeah you're asleep done and. You wake up and that drone is just over you lying around asks you the cameras. Like yeah. I'm good I'll pass on that one guys' as. They say when this is coming out, I saw it happier next year. There you go. I'm I'm a pass and early adopter tech stuff. So now for you guys and then you can. Just watch me whenever you want you can. Yeah Yeah This'll.

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