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Seventy five degrees. Beautiful. Bright, sunshine, comfortable breeze out there here in Boston at six thirty. Good evening on this Monday. I'm teeny gal. Here's what's happening. At ten suspect is in police custody. In a shooting of Red Sox star David Ortiz in Dominican Republic in court documents obtained by WBZ TV. We're learning that suspect twenty four year old Alexander p Vizcaino, aka the bone apparently discuss the plan of attack one week before the shooting in the DR, and that he met with a group that day of to show them a picture of the quote intended target. He was arrested over the weekend. Joining the nine other suspects in connection with a murder to hire plot. The suspects were allegedly paid nearly eight thousand dollars to shoot Ortiz. Meanwhile, big Papi continues his recovery here in Boston, and Mass General police are investigating a stabbing that send a sixteen year old boy to the hospital with life threatening injuries. WBZ TV's, Christina Rex tells as many questions remain say there's still a lot to learn about this situation leading up to the stabbing. I mean Cuban aisles here. There's nothing that I can imagine in your life at the age of sixteen that is could possibly caused the death of another person. So it on social media is going to be a lot more said in a lot more out there. I mean, we have kids showing up here today. Kids were at the hospital. I mean, this is an it's not going to be a secret. That's the shoe of lawn. I can tell you that the stopping happened at a home on Belcher drive in Whitman around nine o'clock last night. A knife was found at the scene. Meanwhile, another sixteen year old boy is facing charges in juvenile court, including a cell to murder. He was released to his parents custody. Authorities say the stopping was the result of a disagreement between the two teens who knew each other activists on both sides of the abortion issue converge on the state house today for a public hearing on bills aimed at expanding or restricting abortion access WBZ's Carl Stevens caught up with both sides. On beacon hill. In j Dickson is a Boston residents support season.

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