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There. Just downtown sexy. I don't think I've ever been downtown factor me, neither, I don't think zinze ever been done. But they got a pretty cool downtown. Wylie. There's no downtown factory sexy is like the better end of garland is way. Look at it. The slums of Wiley. Okay. Well, the bad kids move. Yeah. But it's actually hasn't figured out, though that backyard at five is dated end. But they put the kids in activities in the back. So there's an area just for the parents. I mean, of course, the kids can come in. But all the kids migrate to the back. We're working on working on keeping those kids out. I mean it's. Kids today man, if they can open up the venue one, one of these little towns up at the colony could do it opened up a venue, where we can we can go to drop off the kids right in come back later and Gumbo. So the city is taking care of them, right until they're twenty one or so. Right. Yeah. Or at least till tomorrow. Yes. So the basically the incarcerated for you. That'd be. But Jin you bought your house, how long ago and sexy. Two thousand three thousand three sixteen years ago. That's all right. So you. You've probably got all you're going to get out of that home. There's actually I think they talked topped out. Yeah. Okay. Home. But then, and now it's, it's an affordable home. Somebody won't wants to go over there. Really? I mean think about how much further you have to drive north or east to defend a home. You know, less than three hundred thousand dollars quite a ways. Yeah. Probably certainly not out in Tarrant county. Tarrant county Justice, Jay Z, excuse me, Jay z, so illness. You know, those homes out there. Hearted fifty three fifty four hundred thousand. Yeah. Neutral, level points, north Fort Worth is like I said, it's often you think your property taxes, are how now what if your house is worth four thousand? Chunk of change for sure. So you're advocating her to sell her login. I you called Anna regarding earplugs in. We'll and play the tape on recall that the comment. But I, I remember. You'll hear later. All right. Okay. Well, all right. Thanks for calling in. Talkative jim. Bye. There. Another happy homeowner in sexy, Texas. I like selling about their property taxes. Say when they moved the facts about factory like live out out in the country and then the country caught up with him. Yeah. It's right there. I mean, George Bush drive right, right. Past fire will well once fire will mall got and, and George Bush was that old. So you had now you had access to the, the rest of the world as prior to that she had to go down to LBJ way south to crossover. And then if wanted to go, let's say to Frisco, yeah, I mean, that was that was a heck of a deal. But so when George Bush came in and gave them access. Well, a lot of the, the Argyle's and Justin's of this diff- w area or like this acsi of twenty years ago. And but it sounds like their rates coming, right? Yes. Absolutely. Yes. You're exactly right. The, you know, like I said, sexy back when Jin possible out there, sixteen years ago. That's how long she's been out there. Yeah. It's completely changed. And we were looking at two lane two lane roads out there. And we've talked about it infrastructures a little bit earlier. That's what that sought to town. Our side of town needs to get get a move on, because it look on, we've got so many houses coming in so many folks, moving in not just Tarrant county, but Dallas county as well. That the infrastructure needs something needs to be done. Well, you know, I was in flower mound not too long ago and they've got they've got a lot of interest for further. Yes. That they've really I mean, they're they've raised the bar, and they're in it. You know, these these landlocked communities like sexy or the colony or Capelle. You know I understand their situation. But when get way out there or gal. Royse city. Justin. Hasslet Justice Xs. Yes. Argo then excuse. You know, I mean. Make one point two here. So in these small towns, all of a sudden, this growth comes will the city management, and the people that are working there, there cow town folk. I mean, they do not used to this kind of stuff, they know exactly where to go now. And they make they have they have to go through a big transition to bring in much better resources in terms of management, so that they can implement these kind of bond programs enough things that are this. So I'm just on their side saying give a break because these guys are small towns to the. Executor employee employees. Now, they're taking on the four hundred houses, new homes, a year that started three fifty guess what? Well, okay. I see where you're going with that. But I disagree because I think twenty years ago, you could say that about Justin Texas or northern men Tara county or didn't county communities. I'm signed for the little man. Yeah, I know. But. You know, some of those little little communities have not done anything to help themselves. Greenville, Texas is one of those it's remained the same size even though it has a large employer. But the homes are coming out there, because that's where the land is more formidable. And roy. Same thing's happening in those northern tier county IRS, so or northeastern, so I don't I don't know that the good old boy, you know excuses. There you can't run with this for out. You know, like I said, twenty years ago, maybe mean they could see it coming. I guess I've been here for thirty five years in traffic, always been bumper to bumper to thirty-five to your point, though. Murphy, texas. I just did some business up in Murphy, Texas. And we'll tell you that they have risen that they're, they're, they're in the give they're playing good exception. They are really they've done a store you go from east. Plano to Murphy in then over to while, you know, while he is good too. Okay. While he's good. But there's a I mean like you're driving through there. I drove through it every day in. I mean Murphy they had it figured out. Well, they, they built a great city hall. They came in and I mean that was a a campus. Okay. Kind of like grand prayers and built a huge campus city hall. But, but this was countdown. Right. So now they're built this great city. And then they got a great high school and they raise the bar. I mean they don't have any forcible housing Murphy to say. I mean, there's sort of three hundred employees. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. So you do win on that one. So often for the small guy. Well, I think, you know, about poor Sakano or walks ahead, t-, ROY city, cuddle, mills, remember years ago, and somebody told you, they lived in Melissa, then AllState or something you thought we're the hills. Man. That's I mean, now you go from Allen McKinney. You're there, you know, there's really no. You don't build there any desolate area before you get there. It's kind of like the early nineties driving. The south like I played at Alito played football there and probably the bumpiest road. We ever ovent wrote on was from thirty five down seventeen on farm road that time to lane in probably more on that road. Bill figure. And you drove you drove that direction today. And what are you lades pretty much roundabouts and everything that you need to get there? I think it's just a it's a problem that our local governments have in managing everything it's not just here in North Texas or Texas. I was reading something earlier this weekend regarding my home state of Mississippi. And a lot of the casinos are closing down will, I remember when they all came in twenty five years ago, the thought all this money's going to come in on the roads in the, the schools? There was a big thing. The schools are going to be improved. Education is going to go up, you know, so we can start expecting more out of our education system. They were happy it. No, they built a you know, some nice community centers of concert pavilion areas. You know, really nothing else they gambling didn't make it in Mississippi, it, it makes it only because MRs. Sippy charges. The casinos less than any other state to be there, and they, they take, they can get because they were so impoverished before. But I think it's just the bureaucracy of local municipalities. The camp. Just can't Mike at work. You know, I agree. But I but I think there's some exceptions, I think to your point that, you.

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