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Best racing dot net. And I say that because their site is tremendous. Been a fan of their site I've been featured on their site. Love thoroughbred racing. We still own horses. Fact out of conference called My Guy Jason lit yesterday. And it is And believe it or not. Jungle racing has a stallion along with a number of other partners, and the stallion is straight fire. You remember that horse straight? Farrah was named and inspired. Hi, Mike Tomlin. Jamie Roth and I came up without you. So straight far Get off like this Amazing start to his career, He broke his maid to Delmar by 10.5 10.5 lengths We thought we literally had a Kentucky Derby horse. He was that good. And then he ran really hot, quickly was injured retired. We turned him into a stallion, where he was quote standing here in California, and we've got some babies and we'll see how that goes. So that was very cool resembling that up. America's best racing Don net is sponsoring this segment. And here comes there, Billboard. That caller who claims that he's born and bred for success and achievement. Jim guys. Nick in Green Bay. That guy who congratulates the host for an interview that never took place. Joleen in Farmington. The world has enough Dingle bombs. So America's best racing dot net. Made a freaking Kentucky Derby cheat sheet to create more winners. Clones be a winner visit America's best racing dot net. Oh man, James Kelly. Oh, man, James Kelly Love straight fire. Quote Best horse ever. Big head. Let me ask you something. Best horse ever or best horse name ever. You tell me straight fire was that was the best horse ever. He was great. He was amazing. In fact, we've got so we have a straight fire yearling. Which means we have a one year old baby. A straight fire, baby. You're not saying that he was a better horse and shared belief, are you I mean, straight fire was amazing. Not better than the big horse. Jeremy and Green Bay tweets. Matt was on brand. He's good for about 20 Seconds of fun, signed the women of Vancouver. All right, So it's been a wacky Friday like I've got lots of straight sports takes, but because he's been a wacky Friday, you tell me. What do you want? Do you want a straight take from me on Patrick? Beverly, You want straight take from me on Clayton Kershaw. Do you want to straight take from me on saving Clowney and what he would mean. And James Kelly, fight the Good fight, dude. You literally telling me you think straight fire was better than shared belief. I can't believe you've never gone there with me. Wow. That is incredible. You and I'll pick that up later on bighead. That's what you want. You want one? Do you want a straight sports takes about five of them? You want to go wacky on Friday? It is Friday. It's along week. We're heading into the holiday for the screw it. You know what? Let's go with the immortal Brian Wilson. Another jungle favorite is he used to say, Let's get weird. Let's get weird. Let's get weird. Let's get weird. The only hard part about getting weird on a Friday is figuring out exactly where to start. So I'm gonna keep it local. I'm going to kick it off right here in Los Angeles. There is no good way to set this first story up. So I'm going to let CNN set it up for me. We just pass that guy. You heard it correctly on American Airlines pilot reporting that he saw someone flying next to his plane and a jetpack is he approached Ella Act Sunday night around 6 30. Maybe 300 years or so that American Airlines pilot wasn't the only one who apparently saw the high flying daredevil. The control tower, then alerted other pilots to the potential danger of 23. Personally get packed, reported 300 yards south of the final at about 3010 Mile final. I'm in. Why the f not It's 2020, after all, Why the F not? I can't believe we made it all the way to September without some psychopath joyriding in a highly restricted airspace near commercial airliners. Let's say that's the most insane story that I've heard from the sky this year. But let's not forget that the U. S government did confirm that Tom DeLong's UFO videos were really Back in April. I mean, this is some grand theft Auto Five B s right there. A dude on a jetpack flying around l A X And getting away with it. Did he have the cheat code to get his wanted level down? Imagine being a pilot who's made hundreds of flights before, if not thousands. And looking out the cockpit window and seeing some weirdo with a death wish cruising right next to you with a lawnmower engine strapped to his back pack. Could you imagine how freaky that would be? And who the hell would do this? That's the real question. First off. If you're going to take flight with a jetpack, why would you do it? Near the one place where you might actually get t boned? By something else in the air. Was this guy like trying to radio in To the control tower Permission to land. Instead of that 7 47. This guy must be like, Hey, I got an idea. Think what I want to do today is get out. Get a little air literally got to get out this quarantine. I think I'll fly around today and I think I'll do it right near the busiest international airport in the world. Because Because why I'll just fly my jet pack. Why fly my jet pack when I could just turn this into a real life. Three d game of sky Frogger would do that. There's a lot of eccentric billionaires in L. A. The obvious gas would be Elon musk. He's got the money. He's got the ego. He's got the tech to.

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