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Eight hundred seventy dollars bill is it fair no isn't legal yes is it morally questionable in my opinion yes it is okay um you know if we're going to start parsing out e r visits and what physicians going to pay versus what they're going to accept from the health insurance or what good as the health insurance now as far as i know uh signals the only one with this situation right now here in kansas city they have a nac a policy that the the individual health insurance policy and their language does not include saint luke's in that network and therefore um he is liable for that amount of money it's very unfortunate circumstance there's not a hell of a lot you can do when you're going to when he are he thought he was having a heart attack it turned out it wasn't the case but you don't go in and ask jesus is going to be covered but my health insurance because we got a legitimate health insurance policy and he did it should have been covered here's where i most often see this okay most often i see this enhanced these the algae all right so what happens is the hospital you go in for a surgical procedure the hospital you know the amnesties y'all just always comes in by before the surgery and has a few words with you and tells you what's going to happen and blah blah blah blah blah okay and then you go in and you have your surgery and you get a bill separate bill for anesthesiology and i've had this happened multiple clients might right well now just like i said a minute ago under blue cross under aetna their contracts says that the hospital cannot do that that doesn't mean it doesn't get done it just means a contract says they can't do it when i have seen this happen since i am the broker i'm the agent represents my client individually group or otherwise i turn it right back on the hospital said wait.

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