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The collins today we've been talking a little bit about the importance of bvitamins and hear them more like an insurance policy to me than the you know if you're really eating well and you not drinking heavy alcohol or sugar you didn't have food poisoning this is not anything that's devastated the intestine then you should be getting bvitamins manufactured in your gut and if you're eating a good bit of storage grain potato rabin at least forty two fifty percent of your diet you're going to get a good supply of bvitamins the only people that are going to be in short supply under those circumstances are going to be people of 'extraordinary stress or someone who has special needs as a result of some issue within tests than maybe as surgery may be something unusual and if you need it boy is important to have it so taking a little bit every day is a great idea and of course make stress be is low does easy to absorb fermented form kick of a mule you're gonna just love what it does and it's very critical as as i mentioned earlier for the adrenal gland's and b six in particular is the guy that can help you get free of your coffee addiction and for many people may extras be couple of teaspoons will be you'll notice coffee isn't so appetising or desirable and that would be a really good thing 'cause it's a strong stimulant and you know something like that you should reserved for occasional special needs rather than regular daily use my concern is its ability ultimately to damage the adrenal gland so not a good idea and so else does the body needed well i mentioned mood but really the amazing thing is.

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