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I'm outta remember very distinctly, he and I went to strawberry festival Saint enshrine in the in the islands and in the in lake Champlain, and we went to the cafeteria, various running for governor. I think very early on and we were in a cap cafeteria, and they're bunch of French-Canadian ladies over Montrose, but French Canadian heritage. Look like my grandmother behind the counter. You know, we're like the jello and the, you know, the metal bars. You run your tray down and they were literally David crawling. Through the food to get to Bernie Sanders. And this is very early on. And so he has always had this connection with rural people that I think people don't understand you saw in the primaries, you know, and I've talked to, you know, I'm actually have great relations with a lot of the senior, Hillary people now haven't worked with them in the general election and they didn't get it either until later in the campaign that in fact, Bernie Sanders was going to do well with rural Democrats with quote, unquote, moderate Democrats. He did much better with those voters than Hillary Clinton, right when you and you know, they were point trying to drive those voters out to counter him. In fact, they were helping him, you know. So let's dive in for a second into that appeal. I mean, there's a lot been made of sort of the the fact that Trump energize these rural voters that Sanders energize, these rural voters that there were some populist themes in common on trade. For example, how much of it, how much of what evolved in that campaign was about him and how much was it about about Hillary who for all her strength was and was true in two thousand eight as well. Really kind of a avatar of of the status quo very well established Washington figure who is associated with, you know the the establishment Washington in in every conceivable way. Right. Right. Look, you know, elections binary so it particularly have two person race. It's a choice. Apologies to governor O'Malley right? Became binary very quick very quickly. I mean, just like in two thousand eight mean John Edwards was did not play the role in that race that he played in two thousand four were you know where he was one of the top two. People we had. You know, the that field was, you know, people forget it was Joe Joe Biden, and Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, and there were other serious people in that race that field you you, you had it was advantageous to be in a binary race? Yes. No, that's exactly right. But you know, and Brock Obama was certainly outside outside candidate in that primary, there's no doubt about that. But like I do think that there is a lot of discontent in the country, a lot of anxiety in the country. I think it's it's largely economic manifests itself in other ways. And I think that the Clinton people didn't get that in twenty sixteen, you know, I think a lot of the policy people she had around her were very much more conservative, not not mean Republican, but I mean conservative cautious an incremental in there. Yeah. I think that they had suddenly Bernie caught on and they really tried to catch up right mean her. She was not for fifteen dollars minimum wage and to get to New York. And she was for, you know, there was like evolution in her policy prescription. They kept getting more and more left to try to. Catch that was problematical as well because one of inauthentic city was one of the charges exact can. So if you try and change in order to catch up, you're also opening yourself up to even more questions about ROY you actually feel strongly about now. That's right. I look, you know, the polling was like the very beginning of the race. Appalling was at least that I saw was pretty clear that Hillary Clinton was very popular with self identified. Democrats. I mean, are popular is very high. You know, Bama was slightly higher, but you know, he's beloved by a Democrats, but she had a real problem. This is before any engagement with Bernie a problem with younger voters, and she had problem with independent voters on his, you know, in most places in this country, independent voters can participate in the democratic primary process and her favorables when you got to a democratically leaning independent, they weren't like off a cliff, and there was a lot of there's been a lot of like while you talk about what Bernie one or not..

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